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The different medical tests

Updated on January 30, 2014

In this article, I have summarize most of the medical tests done in hospitals and medical centers for you to know the purpose of each test. The purpose of this is to provide information to students who are in line with health sectors making it easier for them to know and understand the different medical tests.

Medical test
Antigen skin
test to rule out cancer of lungs
Benedict's test
for glucose monitoring
Bentonite Flacculation test
test for Filariasis
Beutler's test
test for galactosemia
Blanching test
determines the impairment of the circulation
Bronsulpthalein test
for liver angiography
Caloric test
test for the inner ear ( placing water in the ear canal which causes nystagmus
CD4 determination
check the immune status of AIDS patient
Cerebral perfusion test
check the cerebral function
Coomb's test
determines the production of antibodies
Dark field illumination test / kalm test
determine if Syphilis is present
Dick test
detect scarlet fever
Dull's eye test
determine the presence of blindness
ELISA test
determines the presence of HIV
Guthrie test
test for PKU
Heat and acetic acid test
for protein and albumin detection
Immunochromatographic test
rapid assessment menthod for filariasis
Lepronin test
test for leprosy
Mantoux test
determine TB exposure
Meniere's test
determine the vestibular function
Methylene blue test
ketone detection
Moloney test
hypersensitivity for diphtheria
Pandy's test
determine the presence of protein in the CSF
Romberg's test
assessment of gait
Schiller's test
staining the cervix with an iodine solution. healthy = brown color, cancerous = resist stain
Schilling's test
confirmation of pernicious anemia
Shake test
determination of the amount of surfactant in the lung
Skin test
purpose is to produce antigen reaction
Slit skin smear
confirmation of leprosy
Sputum exam
detection and sensitivity for pneumonia and TB
Sulkowitch test
urine test for calcium deficiency
Sweat cholride test
use to diagnose cystic fibrosis
Torniquet test
determine the presence of petichae in dengue hemorrhagic fever
TZANK test
presence of herpes
Weber test
evaluation of bone conduction
Wedal's test
typhoid fever determination
Western Blot test
confirmatory for AIDS


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