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Medication dulls the mind and inhibits the soul

Updated on March 13, 2021

Certain psychiatric medications like Lithium which is used for mood disorders can distort reality and inhibit the soul. Lithium is a very heavy duty drug which dulls the senses and the mind. Being on it for twenty years was a heavy cross to bear. It made me very irritable and angry and that's not really who I am.

After 6 months of being off it, I feel like myself again. I will not dwell on the past and complain of how it affected my life and my health, I can only be grateful that my life did not take a horrible downward spiral into drugs or other dangers that may have occurred.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior Dec 26, 2009, the day after Christmas at the age of 33 which is special to me since Jesus Christ lived to be 33 and died on the cross for my sins. I always felt that was a special year and I had an overwhelmingly peaceful feeling which lasted two hours. Soon after I felt motivated more so than usual even though I had not changed any medication or routine. I found out about Lamictal which is the perfect mood stabilizer. After being on it for over a year I was able to make many positive changes in my life.

Big changes are very challenging. All of these things work out for good though. I wish to advise people that Dr. Peter Breggin, who founded the "conscience of psychiatry" is right- medication can interfere with our spirituality.

I have an ability now which I had when I was young, to tap more so into my spiritual strength which is essential to leading a Christian life. A Christian life is not limiting nor depressing; it's on the opposite quite refreshing and inviting as well as empowering.

I hope that if you are currently on medication, or you are a friend/family member of someone who is, you will seek to help yourself and them, by looking up the medications specifically and their side effects. You may be unaware like I was, that certain medications cause anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression as well as anger. This is no joke. Make sure you write down a LIST of all your symptoms and give it to your doctor. It is very possible you are on too much medication.

Pray. Yes, prayer is my number 1 coping skill as it should be every Christian's. I recently started a Spirituality Group at a mental health program in Massachusetts. It opens up the ability to discuss what spirituality means to the individual, their beliefs in God or other, and usually I get a handful of different denominational Christians, and last time we read prayers of hope, faith, and charity.

It's so important to pray. One thing I noticed amoung many people who experience issues of depression and anxiety, is they already are seeking God and that's why I'm leading the group, to help offer hope where there is despair. I see these people who say they are looking for a connection with God, who are sadly caught up in their emotional suffering, and I know from my own experience how having a healthy spiritual life increases emotional health.

God bless you.


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