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Medicinal Uses of Apple Mint

Updated on April 12, 2011


A perennial herb up to 1 mm high, with strong and unpleasant smell, erect or ascending, quadrangular with variable hairiness. Leaves 2-4 cm wide, gray-green, velvety and wrinkled, sessile, as opposed to an oval shape, rounded at the apex, with margin dentate or crenate-toothed, wrinkled and hairy on the underside for simple branching hairs. The hermaphrodite flowers and scented with rose or white glass, are collected in verticillastri close to apical cylindrical spikes - fusiform, pointed at apex. Calyx persistent, gamosepalo, conical, gray tomentose, with 5 triangular teeth elongated. The fruit is one formed by 4 schizocarpo achenes monospermi.It is a herbal plant

Type chorological

Euri-Medit. (Especially with areal centered on the Mediterranean coasts, but with extensions to the north and east area of ​​the screw).

Notes systematic

Besides the most common breed represented here Ehrh.subsp suaveolens Apple mint

leaves sessile and rounded apex of the flap, is present in Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and the nearby islands Apple mint insularis

Greuter who leaves with a short petiole, apex more acute and thin sheet.



The genus name is derived from greek and Minthê, which is the name of a nymph loved by Hades was transformed into a plant by his jealous wife Persephone to Hades. The species name refers to its fragrance.

Active ingredients and uses

Plant antiseptic, febrifuge, antifermentatives, digestive, analgesic, carminative.

Thanks to its active ingredient, menthol is shown active against the inflammation of the mouth, which is useful in digestion and soothing cough.

Known since ancient times, China was used for its calming and antispasmodic, aphrodisiac Hippocrates and Pliny considered the analgesic,

It was also used in folk medicine to prevent cataracts, to sleep, to soothe the pain of renal or biliary colic, to fight bad breath and finally to arouse sexual desire.

In addition to the pharmacy is still used in the production of cosmetics, liquor and confectionery.



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    • profile image

      Elisha 5 years ago

      UNPLEASANT SMELL??? Are you nuts? this thing smells better than some flowers, I love the smell and the taste!!!

    • profile image

      jesusisthewayable 6 years ago

      it is a great weight loss alternative hot drink - refreshing and earthy at the same time

    • daffodil2010 profile image

      daffodil2010 6 years ago

      thanks for reading and commenting

    • susannah42 profile image

      susannah42 6 years ago from Florida

      Good information. I am always interested in learning about natural cures.

    • daffodil2010 profile image

      daffodil2010 6 years ago

      i have too:D

    • howcurecancer profile image

      Elena@LessIsHealthy 6 years ago

      I have one!