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Medicinal Uses of Boldo (Peumus Boldus)

Updated on April 12, 2011

Medicinal Uses of Boldo (Peumus Boldus)

The Boldo is an evergreen plant that grows in Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru). In traditional medicine Boldo leaves were used as a carminative (reducing the formation of intestinal gas and favoring the elimination of these people) and to treat gout and disease to the bladder and prostate.It is a herbal plant.

The extracts of leaves Boldo produce action favoring the release of bile (choleretic action) and diuretic and are still used in folk medicine in the treatment of dyspeptic disorders Source Hepato-biliary disorders, liver cysts, and disease inflammatory joint

The isochinilinici Boldo contains alkaloids including the most important is called Boldin, a substance with antioxidant activity is present in the leaves than in bark of the plant. The essential oil obtained from the plant has antimicrobial activity and contains compounds such as monoterpenes limonene, p-cymene, the a-pinene and beta-phellandrene. Other chemical principles contained in Boldo are flavonoids such as ramnetina the isoramnetina and chemferolo

The Bold is used in modern herbal medicine for the treatment of mild hepatobiliary dysfunction in the symptomatic treatment of dyspeptic disorders and as an adjunct in the treatment of constipation. The Boldin exerts cytoprotective and antioxidant effects on hepatocytes in both rats and humans. The effects of Boldin on the cardiovascular system are characterized by inhibition of platelet aggregation and vasodilation. Were also observed anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects due to inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis. Cardiovascular effects of Boldin might be due to an antagonistic effect against the a1-adrenergic receptors. The Boldin has been shown to have activity includes also the nervous system and peripheral and central. Peripheral nervous system acts as a neuromuscular blocker, apparently through a direct interaction with postsynaptic cholinergic receptors type nicotinico.Gli peripheral nervous system effects are the basis antispasmodic effect of Boldo. Boldin is responsible for the sedative effect of Boldo. Sedation may be due to the action of the antagonist Boldin to the level of dopamine receptors.

The activities that Boldin and Boldo extracts have been shown to have in the laboratory have not yet been confirmed by adequate clinical studies. One of the few controlled studies have been conducted on a small number of subjects. In this group of patients there was a prolonged oro-cecal transit that might underlie the beneficial effects in the treatment of dyspeptic disorders.

The Bold can be taken in capsules, tablets, as a tea, tincture, fluid extract. The recommended dose is 2-5 grams per day of infusion (tea), 1-3 ml of a 1:5 water-alcohol solution as a dye, 0.5-1 ml of fluid extract daily. Treatment should not in any case exceed 4 weeks


 E 'was observed in vitro that Boldin is able to produce a slight mutagenic effect. Overdose can produce vomiting and gastrointestinal pain


 Treatment with extracts of the active ingredient or Boldo Boldin is contraindicated during pregnancy because both have been shown to produce effects in laboratory animals that abortion is teratogenic. E 'should be, given the lack of information and data, avoid use during the lactating. Another drawback is the presence or risk of biliary obstruction in patients with cholestasis and gallstones



Your doctor should always be consulted before starting treatment with the Bold in each of these conditions:


·         pregnancy;


·         if you're planning a pregnancy;


·         lactation;


·         gallstones;


·         biliary obstruction.



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