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Banana Health Benefits & Popular Banana Recipes

Updated on August 7, 2014

Banana is considered as an ideal food for typhoid patients due to its bulkiness and presence of enough moisture that helps satisfying thirst and hunger. Banana (fruit) is believed to act as a mild laxative and used as a remedy for correcting the constipation but feedback (from personal communications) shows that chemicals used for ripening neutralize this effect.

It is believed that eating one large banana a day may provide 3.5 g of fiber to the daily fiber requirement (25 per day for women and 38 g of men) for normal bowl movements. Eating banana along with sprouted gram, however, created bowl problems in some cases and stopping the combined use of banana and gram helped bring back the normalcy.

Hence, care must be taken to ensure that fruit is fully (naturally) ripe.Cultivated banana is botanically known as Musa paradisiaca.

The ancient Chinese and Vedic writings include details of healing properties of Banana consumed either as a vegetable or as a fruit. Most beneficial uses of banana include its uses as a mild laxative, healer of the intestine lesions, destroyer of worms etc.

It is used as a remedy for constipation, diarrhea,dysentery and malnutrition in the children.The core of the stem is useful in stomach upset and diabetes and the extract of core of the stem is found useful in dissolving the stones in the kidney and urinary bladder and reducing the weight.

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banana fruit
banana fruit
banana fruit

The inflorescence mixed with coconut oil and spices is used for flushing the urinary blocks.

Nutritional profile of banana reveals that hundred grams of ripe Banana provides approx. 116 Kcal energy that makes it a supplementary staple food.

The fruit has relatively less proteins compared to cereals, and hence absence of other protein rich foods in the diet can cause protein deficiency in people depending mostly on Banana as staple food.

Cooked or ripe Banana are easily digested and have a fair source of Vitamin B and Calcium. Banana contains about 20% sugar.

Health benefits:

  • Banana is understood to provide protection against high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and stroke due to presence of potassium in good amounts in the banana fruit (358 mg/100 g).
  • Bananas help prevent constipation due to presence of pectin, a soluble fiber,
  • Bananas are considered beneficial for suppression of acid in the digestive tract.
  • Banana has very low content of sodium and useful for those advised by doctors to consume less sodium.
  • Consumption of banana makes one happier and elevates mood due to presence of a protein "tryptophan".

Precautions against adverse effects:

  • High carbohydrate presence combined with tryptophan content in this fruit is feared to affect user's state of awareness influencing brain activity and bringing sleepiness.

  • Migraine headaches may be aggravated by consumption of bananas and alcohol. Hence, consumption of bananas is not advisable with alcohol.
  • Consumption of bananas may have allergic reactions in few people.

Popular Banana Recipe

Raw Banana Kofta or Kela Kofta

It's a popular north Indian recipe that takes about 30 minutes to prepare and served on special occasions with pulao and rotis. Method is simple and involves cutting raw banana into two pieces and boiling these with their skin intact for twenty minutes or so till they become soft.

After cooling, bananas with their skin removed are grated and mixed with chopped onions, besan, green chilli paste, amchur and coriander powder. Small balls are made with the meshed material and deep fried to golden color in hot oil. These balls are submerged in curry and served either with pulao or roti.

Corn Flakes Banana Breakfast Recipe

Its a five minutes to make breakfast recipe that involves slicing banana into thin stripes , and placing thin banana pieces in bowls with corn flakes and sugar powder. Warm milk fluid is poured to submerge the content and recipe is ready to eat as a breakfast recipe.

© 2009 Dr C V Singh


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