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Medicine-Less Clinics- A Dream Come True

Updated on February 22, 2012

Some people carry dreams- dreams which come as subtle realizations which need to be manifested in this world. When creator wants any manifestation to take place which can help society to move ahead in new direction, he sends down subtle realizations- imaginations which manifest through the great minds. The creation of everything which took place in our society first emerged in our thoughts- in our subtle realizations. Like Henry Ford had a realization to create a vehicle which can be run without horses, medicine less clinics is also one such manifestation of the realization that every home should be free from medicines. The first medicine less clinic of the world has been established in Karachi Pakistan and soon it will be launched internationally to help each and every human being on this earth to use this effective tool to become disease free at a fraction of the cost.

Like you may now be looking for online black Friday deals or cyber Monday deals to find stuff which can fit into your budget, you can similarly find places where you can get healed for many diseases without consuming so much money on them. Like you may be looking for Kohls coupons, medicines less clinics are places where you can find peace and serenity to improve your overall health conditions without spending anything on your medicines.

Stress is considered as one of the leading causes of illnesses and diseases and stress is caused by the disturbance in our thought patterns. What is important to understand that thoughts have power to create and constantly negative thoughts created due to stress create the same reality in our life? We therefore started to develop diseases and illnesses which ultimately result into our end.

Medicine-less clinic works on the basis of managing stress and developing the emotional resources which can help us to easily negotiate with the stress. In 7 sessions of 1 hour each, patients are given the technology and training to manage the stress well to get healed. It is however, not just limited to managing stress because some other deep rooted issues such as our complaints as well as our basic emotions which can get suppressed within our bodies are identified and healed too. The suppression of our feelings within our biological system can create pressure against veins and arteries and can cause illnesses and diseases. Patients and their family members are taught specific technologies to let go of these basic emotions to free their emotional resources to allow developing the tendency to get healed on their own.

Heart, in many spiritual as well as religious traditions, has been considered as the place where the frequencies of the creation are downloaded. It is a place where creator resides and every beat of our heart constantly shifts our focus between two different worlds. Science has clearly now established that the heart is a more dominating organ in our body than our brain and has its own nervous system which can even control our brain. Improving the heart’s nervous system through different techniques can help us to use the power of our heart to get healed. At medicine-less clinic, specific technology is used to generate such subtle and pleasant feelings which can ultimately affect our whole nervous system to allow us to become more aware of who we are. This awareness therefore gradually makes us realize that diseases are our own creation and can be cured by just shifting our focus.

Our brain is a place which can cause us stress through its excessive mind chatter. Excessive mind chatter can push us into emotions of fear and anxiety. At medicine-less clinic a specific technology is taught to allow patients to make their brain coherent. When our brain is coherent, we become more aware and can easily discern. When we develop this tendency, we become more in control of what is our reality and what needs to be corrected in order to heal our-selves. Brain coherence also brings our brain and mind at peace so that we can easily see things more clearly. When excessive mind chatter is removed and fog is cleared, we can actually see what is that which needs to be corrected- what is the real cause of our illnesses and diseases. Maham is a cancer survivor who came out of the cancer in just one night when through simple brain coherence she came to realize that real cause of her cancer is the complaints which she is carrying with her. When she could not express those complaints, the energy of those complaints pushed against her body’s natural system causing her cells to rebel against her own body to develop the cancer.

Finally, at medicine less clinics, patients and their families are taught the power of their thoughts, words and actions. Synchronization between all three produce a holistic life-style approach where if we act, think and behave in same manner. Patients and their families are specifically taught to align every thought that goes through their minds with what they speak and act. It is not like mentally we are thinking to heal ourselves but in our physical reality we start to act as if we are sick. This approach allows the patients to reconcile their brain and mind with their physiology so that their physiology can get an understanding that their mind wants the body to get healed.

And finally it is the power of gratitude which ultimately manifests healing in our reality. Through gratitude we accept everything as it is and become grateful for the every breath which passes through our lungs and nostrils. When patients develop the attitude of gratitude, they start to realize that every breath is the most precious thing and when feelings of gratitude interacts with the field, healing manifests itself into the physical body of the patient.


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