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Medicines I Use for My Psoriasis

Updated on October 31, 2017


I have Psoriasis since May 2013 and until now I have some spots here and there. I had a difficult time managing my Psoriasis especially the psychological effect it has on me.

I have tried and tested a lot of medicines, synthetic as well as alternative medicines. Sometime around the late of 2013, I experienced remission and was very happy, but it was short lived since it comes back around early 2014. I noticed that it always comes back in summertime. I am from the Philippines by the way, and the weather here is mostly sunny, that is maybe the reason why I am having difficulty managing my condition.

after diligently following my routine
after diligently following my routine | Source


I have been to 5 doctors since 2013, from an Allergist to a Dermatologist to a Rheumatologist. I dumped the Allergist and Dermatologist and settle for just my Rheumy. I am happy with his kind of treatment and also happy on the way he cares for his patients.Currently I am on Methotrexate 2.5 mg one a week. I take Cetirizine for itch, Meloxicam 7.5mg for my Arthritis. I am feeling great with these medicines and I am thanking my doctor so much for this.

Alternative Medicine

Apart from the doctor's prescriptions I also take alternative medicine diligently. I believe they also help me with my condition and quite very helpful for me really.

In my scalp I use baby oil, yes the generic baby oil. It helps my scalp to be soft and it prevents my scalp from drying and hardening. My scalp is very itchy and dry when I do not take time to rub oil in it. I have to do it every other day, so far I am having success with this.

I also apply BL Cream to my skin daily. It has a fast effect on me so I apply very thinly of the product. I usually get this from a local Chinese drugstore. This is pretty much my moisturizer but be careful when using this because it could leave dark or white spots after healing.

I also use fresh coconut oil for my scalp and skin at least once a week. It helps soften the skin and scalp and hydrates it. I prefer fresh than the bottled one because I am concerned about other preservatives that could be included in the bottled ones.

I do once a week bath with baby oil and or coconut oil in it. I do it every Sundays, 1-2 hours of soaking helps loosen up my muscles and soften dry skin and makes me relax too.

These medicines and my alternative treatments are not necessarily effective for everyone. It may work for you or maybe not. What I am doing is a trial an error way, which is what I am doing for 4 years now. I continue what works and forget what doesn't. It maybe a long shot for me to be healed completely but at least I am not losing hope and continue to fight and look for ways to be healed.

Please share in the comments below, your thoughts and suggestions.


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