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Medifast Reviews Summary - Sounds Like A Winner

Updated on September 16, 2009
Medifast 2 Week Package
Medifast 2 Week Package

Isn’t it strange how things seem to come in waves? For example, over the past few weeks I’ve been asked multiple times by clients about my thoughts on the Medifast diet program. To be honest with you, as I was with them, I really wasn’t familiar with it at all. The last thing I want to do is give my ‘professional’ opinion on something I am completely clueless about. So I did what probably many of you have done; I went online to look up Medifast reviews to see what I could learn about it. I’ll share with you what I took away from that research.

First of all, I needed to know “what is Medifast?”  Was it more than just another quick way to burn fat?

From their site, in a nutshell, it is described as “a portion controlled, nutritionally balanced, low fat and clinically proven program that helps people lose weight faster and more effectively than traditional diet plans.” OK, fair enough. But what makes it unique such that I suddenly had all this client interest in it? From what I could gather, it’s not a particularly new diet, so I didn’t feel like it was the ‘fad factor’ that happens with so many new on the market diet programs. I looked a bit deeper…

The basis for Medifast is their 5 & 1 Plan, which constitutes what you’ll be eating every day. The 5 refers to their pre-packaged meals, which are of high nutritional value but limited calories. The 1 is what they call a Lean and Green meal, which is something you prepare yourself consisting of a lean meat (at about 5 to 7 ounces) and 3 servings of low carb vegetables. They have full lists of acceptable choices to make things easier for you and to take out any of the guess work.

In fact, that seems to be one of the main advantages of the Medifast program; that there is nothing left to chance or guess work. You eat 6 meals a day; 5 of them have already been prepared for you and the last is pretty straight forward for you to figure out for yourself. The choices seem to be diverse enough to keep things from getting too boring, which is good. You can choose any pre-packaged Medifast meal for any of your 5 meals, so if you find something you really like, you can totally indulge without messing up the plan.

So how well does this plan work for people? Apparently, pretty well! They claim to be able to help people, on average, to lose 2 to 5 pounds per week, which is an impressive amount without sounding so ‘miraculous’ that it raises eyebrows from us skeptics in the audience. In addition to that, from perusing multiple online Medifast reviews, clients often seem to be getting even better results than that. For example, a summary of the pros of this program from said, “Rapid weight loss... No thinking required. Can't cheat because it's all worked out for you.”

Another reviewer said, “Quick, motivating weight loss. I've tried everything out there. I needed a blueprint, something to follow step-by-step, I needed someone to e-mail/call with questions, concerns and suggestions. I got all of that with Medifast.”

Comments like these were very typical of what I found. A few negatives did come up, such as getting bored with the food and the fact that once they came off the program, the weight crept back on.

However, to be fair, I don’t think this can be blamed on the diet. A diet is there to help you lose weight, but ultimately it is up to you to make general lifestyle changes to prevent slipping back into the patterns that caused you to put the extra weight to begin with. If you incorporate exercise while you’re dieting, you’ll definitely see better, faster results. But you’ll need to keep that exercise going when you transition back to ‘normal’ food. If you don’t do that, don’t blame the diet when you start adding pounds back.

Overall, the Medifast plan seems quite sound, especially for someone who wants a ‘no-brainer’ type program. I believe that once they start seeing positive results, especially if they haven’t had that kind of experience in the past, it should serve as motivation to make more significant, long-term changes of less fat and more muscle that will allow them to eventually transition off of pre packaged food.

My recommendation to my clients was that if it looked good to them, and they liked the idea of pre-packaged food, and were willing to pay the (roughly) $11 per day for those meals, and if they were going to stick with their exercise plan, I believed they would experience positive results from it. Time will tell…


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