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Meditating Outdoors in a Mesh Tent

Updated on December 5, 2010

With a SansBug tent, the outdoors can become a much friendlier place. If you are like me, you like to experience being outside in nature as much as you can. But an outing can quickly become a nightmare if you are bitten over and over again by one bug after another. Watching out for snakes and spiders can also take your thoughts away from the peaceful ones you had hoped to have in an outdoor environment.

Relieve stress and relax in nature

Research has proven over and over again that nature has many positive effects on our daily lives. Just being outside in nature can relieve stress and help you to relax both physically and mentally. It is one of the best ways to combat burnout. A SansBug tent allows you to commune with nature as long as you wish, whether in your backyard, a park or the solitude of a rural setting.

You can experience the quiet of a mountain peak or the social aspects of a day at the beach. You can be adventurous and take your SansBug tent to camp out in the wilderness. Or, you can simply walk outside and sit quietly in the grass. Just being in nature can restore you mentally, physically and spiritually.

Nature and transcending self

For some people, being in nature goes beyond just gaining a positive or optimistic attitude. It helps them to be more connected to and at one with the world around them. This experience of transcending the self might lead you to a better understanding of life or enable you to have divine or spiritual revelations.

The truth about the SansBug tent

Can a tent like the SansBug really make a big difference in your experience of nature? Absolutely! Anyone who has spent the day swatting at mosquitoes and flies or felt the itchiness and irritation of dozens of bites will tell you unequivocally that he or she did not feel peaceful or relaxed.

The SansBug tent is a quality outdoor product that is lightweight plus it's easy to carry and set up. But the most important feature of this tent is that it allows you to feel safe and secure from flying and crawling insects. It returns a sense of quiet to your body and mind--both of which are necessary to experience a oneness with nature.


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