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Meditation- A road towards better Life

Updated on May 23, 2016

You may have heard thousands of times that 'start meditating if you want to get relived of stress or worry'. Mediation can be said to be the exercise which relieves you of stress and worries and helps to restore inner peace and improves concentration. Meditation involves focusing on our inner self by controlling your thoughts and rejuvenating ourselves by taking deep but slow breathes. It's a simple exercise which can be done by anyone as it doesn't requires any specialisation.

One can start with meditation by first choosing appropriate time when there is nil disturbance. For this the best time will be early morning before sunrise as there will be silence all over at that time. Many people have the habit of playing a soft music at the background and concentrating on it. As long as the music is soothing in nature it can be implemented as loud or rock music hampers the benefits of mediation or you can say you will not be able to meditate properly. After choosing the time next comes choosing the appropriate place to sit. Choose the place in which you can sit comfortably in correct posture. Many people meditate in sleeping posture but it reduces the benefits you would gain from meditating. You can also prefer going out towards your nearby park as being close to nature will gain more peace of mind. It's preferred to sit down on a plane surface with legs crossed and hands rested over the knees while starting your mediation. You can obviously use mats while sitting down. Coming towards the duration for which meditation must be done, there is no such established benchmarks for it. It depends upon person to person that is how quickly you can attain the position if inner peace by keeping your mind still and for how long you can keep your mind and body in that position. On an average people meditate for 15 to 20 minutes but it can extend beyond 20 minutes.

Start your meditation by slowly closing your eyes and take deep but slow breathes. Relax your body, don't pressurise any of the points. Fill your lungs with the air while breathing and release slowly. Slowly and gradually start concentrating on your breathes and avoid bringing about any thoughts in your mind. You can also focus your attention on any imaginary picture of sacred symbol so that you can get rid of your thoughts. Even now if you are unable to control your thoughts you can slowly utter religious words and try concentrating on them. Feel the presence of your surroundings and your body. Control your mind from making any judgments for example if you have started your meditation by thinking that you will quickly perform this exercise and leave for another work, your mind will continuously try to make you remember that you have to leave early and in that case you will not be able to concentrate. While meditating try to use your senses to sense sound, any aroma or smell, texture and surroundings. Try to absorb the peace in the surroundings within yourself. Don't be in a hurry or set a time limit for performing meditation. Open up your eyes slowly after meditating and let your body to slowly get into the surrounding atmosphere. You can offer a small prayer after that or can do other exercises. Don't ever feel that you can't concentrate while meditating, it will take time and gradually you will be able to concentrate even when the surroundings are not in favour. It's common that your mind will not stick to an object and wonder here and there, keep practising as even the masters are not able to completely control their mind.

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Meditation have a soothing effect on mind and body. When you indulge in deep breathing your lungs gets filled with oxygen which reaches every part of your body. As we know stress contributes to various health problems, it helps you to get relieved from stress thereby lowering your blood pressure. Body comes to the state of rest and muscles gets relaxed. It also increases your ability to concentrate on any given topic such as students can perform with excellence in their students with improved concentration. Some of the other health benefits a person doing meditation regularly may experience are:
● Lowering of high blood pressure
● Reduction in headaches, muscle and joint pains
● Better functioning of immune system
● Reduction in stress
● Getting out of depression
● Getting emotionally balanced
● Gaining peace of mind
● Increases blood flow
● Reduces negative emotions
● Increases self awareness
● Helps to get good sleep
● Boosts your personality
● Helps to improve concentration
● Improves learning skills
● Reduces the risk of heart related diseases
● Refreshes the mind and rejuvenated oneself
● Relieves from irritable bowel syndrome
● Prevents anxiety
● Improves social skills
● Increases work motivation
● Improves decision making ability
● It helps to recall anything from memory
● Improves psychological well being
● Improves the ability to deal with stressful situations
● Helps to prevent asthma
● It reduces the risk of Alzheimer
● It helps to reduce respiratory problems

So to live a life free of stress, worries and health issues include meditation in your daily routine and get to know the effects of meditation yourself. There are also many training camps which guide individuals to effective meditation, try being a member of such groups and start enjoying the journey called life.


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