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Meditation Chairs an Unlikely Meditation Ally

Updated on August 21, 2010

For many beginners learning how to meditate, they might feel a little overwhelmed. It's difficult to sit in one place, often uncomfortably, focusing on clearing out the mind and breathing deep and slow. For some, the sitting uncomfortably part, often in Japanese seiza, lotus, or half-lotus position, makes it nearly impossible to meditate. The floors they practice on are too hard, whether they be hard wood, tile, or even carpet. One possible to solution is to buy a meditation chair.

The Rama Meditation Chair from Zen By Design
The Rama Meditation Chair from Zen By Design

So, What's a Meditation Chair?

A meditation chair is a bit different than your typical chair. They sit low to the ground, often times having no legs. Many different designers take into consideration different details when they're making a chair. Key points of emphasis are on cushioning and proper lumbar support which help prevent pain from sitting in one position for too long.

Meditation chairs also help with those of us are who are inflexible. Many traditional meditation postures have their origins in different yogic poses. The lotus position can be exceedingly difficult for many to even enter, let alone maintain for more than five minutes. While a meditation chair will not allow someone to magically enter these positions, they can recreate the benefits of proper spinal alignment and comfort that those poses originally sought.

The Wandering Monk Meditation Chair from Zen By Design
The Wandering Monk Meditation Chair from Zen By Design

Where Can I Get One?

There are a variety of meditation chairs available. Like all things, there are high quality premium meditation chairs that have an equally premium price. While there are other chairs that are lower in price, their quality is typically just the same. Here are a few highlights:

ZenByDesign offer two different meditation chairs. The first is the Rama meditation chair, 31" wide and 22" deep, the chair is large enough for about anyone. Furthermore, it uses a high density foam that promises to last many years. It comes in four different colors of sage, natural, rust, and earth. However this quality does have it costs, currently the chair runs at $429. The second chair offered by ZenByDesign is the Wandering Monk meditation chair. Handcrafted from maple, it was originally designed for meditation on the go. Weighing in less than five pounds and folding in two, it is easy for anyone to carry from place to place. Like the Rama, the Wandering Monk uses high density that is three inches thick. The Wandering Monk is much smaller though being only 12" wide and 12" deep. The Wandering Monk is offered for $165 and comes in the same four colors as the Rama.

The Rattan Meditation Chair from Gaiam
The Rattan Meditation Chair from Gaiam

Gaiam offers the Rattan meditation chair.; a much larger chair at 34" wide and 25.5" deep. Like its name suggests, it is made from rattan. It offers a taller back for better back support and what they claim is a thicker cushion made from kapok and machine washable. This chair only comes in one color, espresso and costs $299.

If you're having a difficult time learning how to meditate, a meditation chair might be right for you. However, it cannot be a substitute for proper meditation technique such as slow, deep breathing or clearing the mind of the random thoughts that occupy our minds.


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