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Meditation - Inner Peace, Joy and Freedom

Updated on July 22, 2016

Art of Living's Get Happy Course

Get Happy Course
Get Happy Course

Meditation - Inner Freedom and Relationships

The daily practice of meditation along breathing techniques brings about transformation in mind and body. Meditation gives me inner peace and joy that is independent of my circumstances. Also, meditation enhances my natural capacity for awareness and neutral observation of what is going on inside myself, as well as what is going on in my environment. This is a powerful tool to deal with all sorts of situations. It helps me be centered in relationships and be genuinely friendly with a wide variety of people.

Due to my sensitivity, some people used to bother me, and I would be aloof and not whole-heartedly friendly with them. Sometimes the person would have a tendency that I could not handle well, like being aggressive or demanding, complaining or criticizing excessively. Sometimes interacting with the person would trigger difficult emotions within me, like irritation, fear, anger or jealousy. Although people have many good qualities, I would be bothered by their negative traits or by the negative reaction they triggered in me. Behind my internal reactions, there was much insecurity and need for approval from others. However with daily practice of meditation I get less and less bothered and so am able to be more at ease with many different types of people.

Meditation has kindled unconditional love in me so that I can appreciate the essential humanity in people and not get swayed by their personality traits. This inner freedom has brought a feeling of comfort and ease in relationships that I had never felt before. I now realize how truly wonderful people are.

Meditation brings inner freedom or moksha. The inner freedom means I am happier by myself and with myself. I feel contentment and peace regardless of external circumstances. Previously, I would crave some good food, a movie and the company of friends to make me happy. Relationships used to be a big factor in how happy I felt, and I would waste a lot of time worrying about how to fix them. If there was some conflict or if someone I cared about did not respond the way I wanted, I would feel down. Also, I would crave achievement, like success in a project, and respect from other people to feel good about myself. Although these still give me some pleasure, there is a growing feeling of being happy for no reason.

The daily practice of meditation has trained my mind to let go and be at ease regardless of circumstances. It brings freedom from craving and aversion. I am less dependent on other people to make me feel happy. Paradoxically, it means that I can now be more genuinely friendly and close to people. When negative emotions come up or the person’s behavior bothers me, I simply observe the feelings in the moment and let them be without reacting impulsively. I can respond with wisdom to situations. I am able to live my life from a place of inner happiness and appreciate the wonder of every moment and every person I meet.

I have been practicing Art of Living's meditation, breathing and yoga techniques since December 2003 and actively organize Art of Living's courses. Art of Living is a global non-profit in more than 150 countries. Join us for the Get Happy Course in Los Angeles



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