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Meditation Sitting Pillow - The Zafu or Zabuton

Updated on July 24, 2012
Meditation Sitting Pillows or Zafu can help your practise.
Meditation Sitting Pillows or Zafu can help your practise.

Although, when starting out on a meditation regime, most people will seat themselves cross legged on the floor or simply use a chair, this can create a scenario where meditation is distracted by the aches and pains that this can cause.

This is usually the point when many people will purchase a meditation sitting pillow or cushion which helps the body to relax and maintain a good posture.

Also known in the meditation world as zafu, meditation pillows are usually a little over a foot in diameter and around eight inches high. Traditionally they are filled with kapok which is a light plant fibre; however, many are now made with man made fibres in order to keep down the costs. Another popular filling are buckwheat hulls; not only are these light but they mold around the shape of the seated person extremely well, creating a comfortable experience. Most Zafu are round, however a half moon shaped one is available which makes it easier for those who wish to tuck their legs close to them.

By using a meditation cushion, this allows the person meditating to sit in a more comfortable position as it raises them a little putting less pressure on the joints and also allows them to relax more and therefore focus on their meditation techniques.

A well made meditation cushion should last for some time providing it is not abused and used purely for meditation which is what it was created for.

If you are looking to buy a meditation sitting pillow, you may also like to consider purchasing a zabuton which is a larger area mat upon which the zafu is placed. This means that the mediators' feet and knees are not placed on the floor directly but on the zabuton. Not only does this increase your comfort but also provides a dedicated space for your meditation practise which helps you to focus during meditation.


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