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Meditation - The Basics

Updated on May 17, 2010

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice which has been used for thousands of years, in-fact meditation even pre-dates the ancient Egyptians and Romans. The popularity of meditation may be intense in our modern day world but now-a-days this is nothing new, in comparison to day's of old. The human race figured out that by attuning themselves to total serenity or clear mindedness, they are able to encourage clearer thoughts and idea's as well as gain positive physical benefits.

There is no need to have certain religious beliefs or change who you are as a person in-order to benefit from different meditation techniques. There are a few different methods or styles of meditation and it is up to you to find the technique that you feel works best for you. Personally I like to lie down flat on a rug when I meditate as I feel I am hitting two birds with one stone, I am meditating and re-aligning my body at the same time but others prefer to sit up with their legs crossed etc.

There are different beliefs as to how and why meditation works. Some believe that they are attuning themselves to a zen type spiritual level, while others believe that they are simply doing their mind a favor by clearing it for a while.

How to Meditate.

It is very important to meditate in a clean and comfortable area. This is because during meditation you are inviting strong positive energies into your domain. Ensure whether you decide to sit up or lye down during meditation that you have a rug, mat, comfortable blanket or carpet to keep your body from touching any cold or uncomfortable areas. Surround yourself with clean bright comfortable colors for increased benefit and if you like incense or particular fragrances like oils etc, spread a little fragrance to help towards your relaxation. Some people use candles but in all honesty, your eye's are shut during meditation, so you can't see them.

Unplug your landline and turn the mobile phone off! Get yourself comfortable and make sure you are not cold and for this example of meditation, I am going to use the basic lying down technique. If you suffer with lower back problems it may be advisable to place a pillow just below your buttock area, for additional support. Ensure that your shoulder blades are flat on the floor and your arms are alongside your torso with your palms facing upwards. If you have an over active mind and find it difficult to empty, do not worry as your breathing will enforce your mind to clear and the more you practice, the easier it will become to clear your mind.

Close your eyes whilst envisioning the color white or a bright pale blue sky and start taking in slow deep breaths. Breath in deeply until your abdomen rises and you cannot breath in any more, then slowly breath out. Continue this breathing exercise for at least ten minutes and you will begin to notice yourself relaxing and your mind clearing. If thoughts keep entering your mind in the beginning, just ignore them as anything important will re-enter your mind after meditation.

You may experience slight lightheadedness but this is normal and eases off perfectly post-meditation. This is because of the breathing exercises allowing excess oxygen into your body but this is a good thing as your body requires good amounts of oxygen to work well.


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