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Meditation to Accomplish Goals and Change your Life

Updated on June 22, 2017

Essentially, meditation is a way to train your attention. Think of your attention span as if it were a puppy. Puppies are easily distracted, lose track of what they are doing, and frequently fall down exhausted from being pulled in many directions. Meditation takes your puppy-like attention and gently reins it in.

What is interesting about meditation is that while it lets you achieve extreme relaxation, it also energizes you. Meditation brings you an inner piece which leads to more productivity. When your mind is free of clutter, you can do more work with less effort.

Meditation combines physical and mental activities. On the physical side, you will generally sit quietly and focus on your breathing. While meditating, something happens to you mentally. You become what is known as “psychologically present.” This will calm your fears and enhance your mood.

Some people may find meditation challenging initially. The state of quiet reflection can bring up a lot of issues that have been bubbling under the surface. What’s wonderful about meditation is that it gives you the strength to confront those issues, overcome them, and move on to accomplish your goals.

Reasons You Can not Accomplish Your Goals

Everyone is different, of course, but there is an amazing sameness to the obstacles most of us list as impediments to our success. Topping the list:

· Limiting Beliefs

· Lack of Motivation

· Abundance of Fear

Meditation helps you confront these obstacles head on and blow them away like dust.


Meditation Helps You Accomplish Your Goal

Meditation is not “magic”. It is a centuries-old practice that people around the world to have used to change their life by acheiving:

· Increased Emotional Intelligence

· Improved Concentration

· Improved Creativity

· Improved Focus

· Improve Health

Meditation gives us the all-important gift of self awareness. It teaches us that despite the chaos and conflicts swirling around us, we can still find peace in the simple joy of simply being.

Let the Future Worry about Itself

Far too many people find themselves worrying about the future far too much of the time. That worry takes them out of the present and makes it nearly impossible for them to stay focused on what is in front of them and all their day’s responsibilities.

When worry saps energy and emotion, more productivity is impossible to achieve.

A-Listers Say Meditation Leads to More Productivity

Increased productivity is why meditation is so meaningful in a business environment, and why it has been embraced by corporate giants like Google and Apple. It is also the go-to tool of world-class achievers such as:

· Hugh Jackman

· Oprah Winfrey

· LeBron James

· Katy Perry

· Clint Eastwood

· Jerry Seinfeld

What do all these people share besides their celebrity? They are super-achievers who don’t let their thoughts get in the way of their success.

Get Fresh Air, Enjoy the sounds of the Earth

Take a Meditation Vacation to Enhance

How do you feel when you return from a good vacation: refreshed and raring to go? Well, that is the way you feel after meditation, too. In just a few minutes each day, you can give yourself the opportunity to shake off the things that are bothering you and toss your emotional garbage to the curb.

4 Popular Types of Meditation

Meditation, like its sister practice yoga, takes many forms. None is better than the other; it is just a matter of finding the meditation practice that works for you. Many forms of meditation give us the power to transcend time. Instead of feeling oppressed by each tick of the clock as it signals the future, you luxuriate in every minute of the now. In this way, meditation adds time to your day.

· Transcendental Meditation (TM) – TM is considered by many to be the gold standard of meditation. It is a simple practice where you sit comfortably with your eyes closed and repeat a mantra silently. Supported by this state of relaxation, it’s easier to stay focused and accomplish your goals.

Newcomers to meditation may feel more comfortable with these:

· Guided Visualization – Based on the Buddhist idea “What you think, you become,” guided visualization encourages you to think good thoughts. You paint pictures in your brain of positive experiences that you have had or hope to have. The thoughts in your brain trigger responses in your body which releases chemicals that give you a feel-good experience.

· Mindfulness Meditation – One of the most popular meditative practices in the U.S., mindfulness. This simple, but powerful helps you have more focused by staying in the moment, whether the moment is sad or painful. In other words, mindful meditation keeps you from running away from an experience. How does it accomplish this? By becoming more focused on your breathing, you become less focused on stressors. When negative thoughts try to press their way into your consciousness, you simply concentrate on your breathing until the thoughts leave you.

· Focused Object Meditation – Like mindfulness meditation, this practice will help you learn to be in the present moment. The focus acts in direct opposition to our natural inclination to be fragmented in our observations, looking at too many things at once…which really means you can’t see anything.

It is important to strive to bring a meditative slant to everything you do throughout the day. You will be more focused in what’s happening now and less focused on worries about things that may or may not happen. You won’t achieve this immediately, of course. Over time, however, you will find yourself naturally acquiring the habit of meditation in your life. you will find yourself naturally acquiring the habit of meditation in your life.

The thing to remember is this: meditation does not GIVE you inner peace. Inner peace is always within you, waiting to help you stay focused, enhance your mood, accomplish your goals, and enjoy more productivity in everything you do. Meditation is simply the road map that helps you find your inner peace so that you may tap into it whenever you need to.


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