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Meghan McCain's Weight Attacked

Updated on June 8, 2011

I wrote this a long time back and tried to outline the dangers of attacking celebrities or people in the spotlight because of the view it sends to young girls. Young girls especially need to understand that most celebrities attain a weight that is ridiculous for the average american population and they need to be comfortable in the skin they are in and not always trying to obtain a goal that will lead to unhealthy and dangerous eating habits.

I recently read an article where Ann Coulter was criticizing this woman's weight. How can anyone criticize a size 8 or size 10? To me, that is ridiculous and highly uncalled for especially knowing there many, many girls in the younger generation hearing and reading this.

Young girls get enough bad rap from fellow peers in school, etc. without hearing this crap from famous figures. Not that I can call Ann Coulter a famous figure. I've never even heard of her until I read the article about her attack on Meghan McCain's weight. In fact, I hadn't heard of Meghan McCain for that matter.

I guess some would consider me living in a cave and maybe I have but I have no interest in the offspring of political candidates as they aren't and wouldn't be running the country.

Of course there are many that follow everyone famous from celebrities to political offspring and if it weren't for their political family members no one would have the vaguest idea who they are.

Unfortunately, if John McCain hadn't lost so badly in the election his daughter probably wouldn't have garnered any attention at all.

She has her own column at the Daily Beast. Can she write? I've read one or two of her articles. Not bad but do I care? The answer is no. The only reason I picked up on this is because of the weight issue which I felt I needed to sound off on.

No one, man or woman should be criticized for his/her weight. That is ridiculous. It is especially demeaning to young girls even if they aren't the ones being demeaned. They have hard enough time in school and amongst their peers without added pressure of body image raising it's ugly head. They should be respected not for how they look but for who they are period. And there is no excuse for not offering up courteous behavior to everyone and showing that people should be respected.

Granted I do not agree with Meghan McCain's views especially the one supporting the Iraq war. Everyone has a right to his/her opinion but I don't agree with the war and I never will. As far as I can see what did it accomplish? Except many good soldiers lost their lives and Bin Laden was never captured. I thought that was the whole point of the war.


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