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Melatonex Melatonin Tablets With Vitamin B6 For Sleep

Updated on September 6, 2014

There have been many nights that I have had trouble falling and staying asleep. I have tried quite a few natural supplements as a sleep aid and Melatonex is the one that I use most often. Melatonex is a brand of melatonin that also contains the vitamin B6 to help with sleep issues.

The amount of melatonin that I use to sleep is 3mg. Melatonex is a time released formula that comes in a box of 30 tablets. For the most part, this brand has helped me to fall asleep and sleep pretty much throughout the night. There are a few nights where this product did not work that well for me, but I attribute that to the high amount of stress I was going through at the time.

Within a half hour to an hour of taking this supplement, I can feel myself getting sleepy and ready to drift off. I am usually able to sleep for a good while after taking this supplement, between six to eight hours depending on the circumstances. This product has definitely helped me sleep on many nights. I would recommend this brand to anyone considering taking melatonin to help them with their sleep issues.

If I take the 3mg tablet roughly about eight or nine hours before I plan on waking up in the morning, then I do not wake up feeling groggy. I like that I do not feel any side effects of the melatonin when I wake up in the morning as long as I only take one 3 mg tablet. One time, when I really had trouble sleeping, I doubled up and took two 3mg tablets and I woke up feeling tired and groggy the next morning.

I have found this brand of melatonin to be the most effective for my sleep issues. This product costs roughly around $7 for a box of 30 tablets. If you are looking for a natural sleep aid, Melatonex melatonin with vitamin B6 may be helpful to you.

How many different remedies have you tried that were not able to help you with your sleep issues?

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