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Melatonin Review

Updated on December 9, 2010

Sleep is something we all need in order to function and be healthy. However, if you're like me, this isn't always easy to achieve. Between my natural problems with sleeping, and my husbands snoring- sleep can be impossible! Melatonin is something I've taken on and off for quite some time now. It has its positives and its negatives, however it is pretty effective once in awhile. If you're prone to sleepless nights, tossing and turning, and staring at your alarm clock melatonin may be your ticket to successful sleep. I am going to list and outline the pro's and con's in which I have personally experienced with melatonin.


The best thing I can say about melatonin is an obvious thing: sleep. I have tried various different sleep supplements and melatonin is one of the only ones which actually works for me quite quickly. Within a half an hour of ingesting melatonin I am typically down for the count. It begins with my body feeling relaxed, and shortly after my mind does the same. It typically works (for me) for about 6 hours at a time. When I wake up I don't feel groggy, which is a very big plus when it comes to sleep aids.


I am not quite sure about how rested my body is actually getting. I feel like melatonin has a "knock out" effect, but I am not sure if I am actually reaching deep levels of sleep. My body has learned to run off of barely any sleep, and so I don't need too much to function normally. When I take melatonin it seems to put me out, but it doesn't feel like normal sleep. Also, the dreams can be rather nerve racking. One of the main side effects of melatonin is nightmares and lucid dreaming. I have had some really messed up dreams while taking this supplement, and I am very connected to my unconscious mind. Having a bad dream can make the rest of my day crumby as well. Also, when I awake from melatonin induced sleep I feel very dehydrated. I don't know if this is something that happens to everyone, but it definitely happens to me. Another con is that I personally gain immunity to melatonin very quickly. Taking it just once can cause me to need to double my dose by the next time I take it, which is why I try to refrain from it unless I am in absolute need of sleep.


I think melatonin is a great way to get some sleep, if absolutely necessary. I don't think its something that people should eat like skittles, but it does the job if needed. I really dislike the nightmares/lucid dreaming, but sometimes a girl just needs some sleep! When I take my herbal sleep supplement (which consist of melatonin and Valerian) I actually get the feeling as though I am sleeping "normally". So this is something that also should be considered, a sleep "cocktail" if you will. Also, I would advise against taking melatonin with alcohol. I have done this only once, and I felt terrible afterwards. I never read into this or researched it, I just decided not to ever do it again. Hopefully this article is useful to some of those out there who also struggle with sleeping. Although I don't take melatonin often, when I do need it, its always there to help!


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