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Melatrol Sleep Aid Reviews for People Considering Sleep Medication

Updated on December 14, 2011

The melatrol sleep aid is a readily available, non-pharmaceutical grade supplement available without a prescription. It claims to work because of the large amount of melatonin it contains, as well as the chemical 5-HTP. The question is, does it work for people with sleeping problems?


The hormone melatonin is released by the brain to assist with regulating sleep and other functions. It is also the primary ingredient in melatrol sleep aids. In time with our inner sleep clocks, levels of melatonin are higher at night than they are during the day. This is one reason people who work nighttime hours experience shift sleep disorder or night sleep disorder.

This natural supplement has been available for many years, and is used by travelers on long flights, or anyone whose body is not producing it in sufficient quantities. It should be noted, it is not regulated by the FDA. Customers must investigate each manufacturer individually before buying.

Melatonin is a relatively safe supplement and is available by itself, but because it may interfere with other medication, talk to a doctor before taking it. For serious sleep disorders, there are prescription nerve receptor stimulants available. These are designed to trigger the release of melatonin by the brain.


Melatrol goes a step further by including 5-HTP in their formula. The chemical name for this ingredient is 5-Hydroxytryptophan, but it is also known as oxitriptan and goes by the brand names Cincofarm, Oxyfan, Triptum and others.

While 5-htp occurs naturally in the body, there appears to be nothing natural about artificial supplementation with this product. It is believed to be responsible for causing stomach irritation, nausea, diarrhea and other side effects, and may be responsible for some unusual muscle and blood disorders as well.

Despite these warnings, the scientific research surrounding this drug is still considered inadequate, and it is currently being used for multiple disorders from depression to ADHD. One clear warning is to avoid taking 5-HTP if you are taking antidepressants. Like certain antidepressants, this chemical encourages serotonin production, and the combination can be dangerous.


The valerian plant is a flowering plant native to Europe and Asia. The extract of the flower is prepared in various ways and sold in the United States as an over the counter supplement. It is an ancient herb that dates back to 2nd century Greece. Because of its mild sedative effect, it was (and is) used to treat sleeplessness problems, anxiety, hyperactivity disorder and even headaches.

While clinical research is conflicting, some studies show that up to 900 mg of the valerian extract increases sleepiness, thus the reason it is included in the melatrol sleep aid.


The next ingredient in melatrol is gamma amino-butryic acid, better known as GABA. This is a neurotransmitter that has multiple uses for treating neuropsychiatric disorders. Because neuronal firing is inhibited at the GABA receptor site, patients experience anxiolytic effects. This means it is the perfect ingredient in drugs and supplements for reducing anxiety, depression and inducing sleepiness.


The rhodiola root is another herbal ingredient in melatrol. This plant grows in cold mountain regions all over the world, and is reported to be a mood enhancer, (alleviates depression,) as well as a mental performance enhancer and fatigue reducer. These side effects may not seem ideal for a sleep inducing supplement like melatrol, it is supposed to work by acting on dopamine and serotonin levels. Like most herbal supplements, scientific studies are inconclusive.

Passion Flower

A subspecies of the passion flower found in the Southeastern United States call maypop was first used by Native Americans for insomnia, anxiety and ‘hysteria.’ Scientific studies have validated these claims, testing the roots (not the leaves) and finding the compound has similar effects to that of oxazepam. The natural extract has fewer side effects, but is still being studied.

While the proper levels of this herbal extract in the correct form can be effective for reducing sleeplessness, it is not clear what the exact levels of this supplement are in melatrol

Should you take Melatrol?

With all of these ingredients in the melatrol sleep aid, it must be effective to help you get to sleep; at least it would seem that way. However, with so many ingredients it is important to consult a physician or carefully consider potential side effects.

For example, it does not seem safe to take this sleep aid if you are taking antidepressants or similar medications. Read several reliable sleep aid reviews first. Then, talk to a medical professional before using any over the counter products, and avoid a potentially serious problem down the road.


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    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 5 years ago

      Very informative hub. I found Valerian some years ago and it is wonderful. If I wake during the night I go right back to sleep and I wake up refreshed...not with the sleeping pill handover. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful.

    • Free2seethemoon profile image

      Free2seethemoon 5 years ago from Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

      Thank you! I'm glad Valerian works for you. It's nice when a natural supplement is all we need. Thanks for commenting!

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks so much or this info on Melatrol. Your breakdown on the ingredients is very helpful. Now, if the price is right may give it a try-out for off and on insomnia.

    • Free2seethemoon profile image

      Free2seethemoon 5 years ago from Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

      Alastar, my pleasure. I found the ingredients interesting; it made me consider only using this occasionally. Thanks for commenting.

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