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Melt Fat Faster With the Crossfit & Paleo Diet Approach

Updated on July 21, 2019

As you get started with your Crossfit training program, one thing that you should be strongly considering is setting yourself up a Crossfit meal plan to go along with it. Taking care of good nutrition is one of the vital elements that needs to be in place if you’re going to see success because this will help fuel your workouts and help you recover from them faster as well.

Understanding what the Crossfit diet is all about will help ensure that you are eating the right foods at the right time in the day. Let’s go over the main points that you need to note.

What Is The Paleo Approach

Before we get into the specifics of the diet, it’s important to understand what the Paleo diet approach is all about. Essentially, this approach is going to take you back to ‘caveman’ times, before there were any fast or processed foods. During this era, diseases were low and humans were strong because they were eating foods that came directly from the ground.

As such, when following this Paleo diet approach with your Crossfit workouts, you’ll want to turn to proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables. Grains and other processed foods are strictly prohibited.

The benefit of doing this is stable energy and insulin levels and a faster rate of overall fat burning. Let’s look at each concept individually.

Focus On Lean Proteins

The very first thing that you need to be doing with your Crossfit diet is adding in plenty of lean proteins. Lean protein form the foundation of the Paleo approach is what will provide your muscles with the amino acids they need to rebuild themselves after each workout session that you perform and also help to keep your blood sugar levels regulated.

Protein is a must to include with each meal and snack that you consume on your Crossfit meal plan, and you should lean towards sources such as chicken breast, turkey breast, lean red meat, fish as well as fish and seafood. Fish is an especially terrific form of protein as it also contains the essential fatty acids your body needs.

Lean Protein from Fish

Fish Protein
Fish Protein | Source

Add In Plenty Of Healthy Fats

The second thing that you should be noting as you form your Crossfit meal plan according to the Paleo diet approach is to make sure that you add in plenty of healthy fats. Healthy fats are the primary source of fuel while on the Crossfit diet as they will keep your energy level stable, rather than causing energy highs and lows like carbohydrates do.

Since healthy fats are quite calorie dense, just be sure that you regulate how much you’re eating if you are looking for fat loss results. Getting your calorie intake right on the Crossfit meal plan is essential because this is what will determine whether you use body fat as a fuel source. The top healthy fat choices to include in your Crossfit diet are nuts and natural nut butter, seeds, olive oil, avocado’s, and your fatty sources of fish.

The more active you are, the more fats you should include in your Crossfit meal plan.

Healthy Fats


Load Up On Fresh Produce

To round out the Crossfit diet plan, make sure that you also load up on fresh produce. Eating a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables on your Crossfit meal plan is going to ensure you get plenty of vitamins and minerals, along with antioxidant support while turning over to Paleo-style eating.

Furthermore, these foods will provide your body with the necessary dietary fiber you need to stay satisfied all day long.

Fruits should be consumed around the times when you’re most active during the day as they do contain more calories and carbohydrates than vegetables, with vegetables being the primary focus later on in the day.

So keep these points in mind as you structure your Crossfit diet. If you use these tips, you will find that fat loss comes naturally without even trying. And, best of all, you’ll feel better than you ever have before. Maybe also try a complement like Plata Coloidal para Bajar de Peso.

Vegetables & Fruits



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