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Memes The Word: Adventures

Updated on July 9, 2016


“an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media).”

- Urban Dictionary

What Is A Meme?

The meme: a household buzzword known to the digital world as funny phrases overlaid on silly cat pictures. We’ve seen them, laughed at them, shared them, pinned and tweeted them. And there is plenty of a variety of memes to forward to friends and family! The dictionary definition of a meme is “a belief system spreads throughout culture” (my paraphrase- see full definition in text box).

The rise in frequency of the internet memes that are permeating social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, GooglePlus, etc, has amplified the growth of the horizontal cultural acquisition so much that it has formed a second definition: “an internet information generator, especially of random or contentless information.”



I Say... YES!

Like any other aspect of our life, the trends, tools, and Twitter-like social sites are only as bad or as good as we allow them to be. Silly memes of celebrities with funny faces and catch slogans give us a moment of laughter that can be shared with our friends and lift up someone’s bad day. Inspiring quotes pasted over gorgeous nature scenes can remind a struggling soul to take one more step, wake up another day and dream for something more.

The danger with memes is that no one will choose to delve further into the inner meaning. The benefit of memes is that humans are sharing a bit of themselves with other humans, even if it is with a simple “click of a mouse.”

I use FaceBook memes to lift me up, however briefly. And this blog is here to share with you how memes can be the trampoline that springs you higher and higher.

Today's Meme: July 10, 2016

Let's break it down...

Go On More Adventures

Daily life is routine, methodical, and frequently, well, boring. It is easy to become the parent that loses themself in the countless chauffer runs, kid activities, and early reader books. The trap of working to please a boss, make money, pay the bills can reduce your life to a series of numbers that may or may not add up.

But ADVENTURES can bring the joy back into living. What is your passion? Art? Visit a new museum every month. Running? Try a new trail or more challenging training program. Outdoor family time? Camp in a different state park every camping trip.

Adventures give us hope. The “daily grind” can become monotonous to the point of frustration or depression. Planning for the change of an adventure gives us something else to think about and breaks up the steady rhythm of the week.

Spontaneity fires brain synapses and encourage creativity and flexibility.


Be Around Good Energy

Find positive environments. We’ve all felt overworked and discouraged in jobs that do not inspire us. Maybe it’s time to look for work in a field that feeds an inner passion or supports altruistic ideals. Our messy homes can make us feel ashamed of our failure to keep house and guilty for not teaching our children how to help. Take one afternoon per week to declutter one room of items that are unnecessary, promote bad habits or do not inspire you- and get them out of the house! Too often we sit on the couch with the TV, the cell phone and the tablet running and draining our brains of motivation. Instead, take a barefoot walk in soft grass or run a tree-laden trail.

Spend more time with positive people. Complaining, Whining, Giving up and Boredom are contagious. It can be difficult to be upbeat during a busy workday when others are rude to coworkers and clients. Students that are led by teachers that are tired and frustrated may not learn and will certainly not be inspired. Find someone that has passion and drive. Listen to how they speak with confidence and enthusiasm. Find someone who is nice, polite and professional. See how they soothe antagonistic personalities. Find someone who enjoys your company and appreciate how they improve your own outlook on life.

Learn to be a source of good energy. So many times, we assume that things, and people, that “bring us down” should be discarded. Though it is important to spend more time with positives, as stated above, We also have a responsibility to change our own attitudes. Are YOU the grump in the room or the loudest complainer in the workplace? Do you let your busy, crazy life steal your own joy and spew your stress onto those around you? Sometimes, the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT way to be around good energy is to BE good energy.


Connect With People

THINGS are static. That tablet will always be a tablet. The TV will always have another show, another ad. That craft project will only be a craft project (however beautiful). But PEOPLE will challenge you, question you, push you. PEOPLE will enjoy you, encourage you, inspire you. PEOPLE will believe in you, strengthen you, love you.

PEOPLE will follow you. Be inspired by you. Be strengthened you. Be loved by you.


Learn New Things

Stretch your brain. Learning new things can help prevent dementia. I’m not looking forward to losing my mind. Are you?

New skill sets can lead to a raise or promotion in the workplace. Sign up for the leadership seminar and impress the “higher-ups” with your ambition. Take the online class and stun the co-workers with your increased productivity and higher quality of work. Ask for more training opportunities and apply new techniques to promote innovation.

A new hobby can reduce stress, provide hope and reduce the amount of time you spend with brain suckers like TV. Those DIY shows are there to INSPIRE your hobby, not REPLACE it. Non-work related activities can refresh our minds.

Learning how to survive in block-head video games may help you rekindle a relationship with your middle school offspring. Sometimes you have to enter their world in order see their eyes and touch their soul.


Guess what… you do all of the above and You. Will. Grow.

You will be a better version of you. YOU are a good thing. Grow and be a BETTER thing. Grow more and be the BEST form of you.

Join me next time...

And we'll discuss another meme and what it means to me, and you, and you, and you.


What is your adventure style?

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