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Memorable Times

Updated on January 14, 2012

Life has a way of really shaping a person because of how they may have been raised or taught when they were growing up. Part of that way of shaping a person is the many memories that they may have had in their life. I know that the memories I have in my life have made me the person that I am now.
The most important memories are those that involve family for most of the people. At times, those times with friends make up one of the best memories too. One memory that has really impacted my life is when I would go on vacation with my family and we would just have a good day in six flags. The family became united and we were able to just have the best time together, taking pictures keeping those most special moments. That is what make me a family person and a caring person.
There are so many other memories but I know that everyone has one that makes them happy. What is your the most memorable time in your life?


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