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Memories to Get Us Through

Updated on December 7, 2013


Memories, precious memories, can sometimes help us to get through,

not to forget the bad times had, but in a positive tone, in what we do.

We may live lives without much gain, and many of us do exist in pain,

yet, with true grit we can all overcome, then not to live our lives in vain.

As children, the slightest occurrence then helps in forming a memory,

growing up we remember most, and in our minds, these times we see.

In our repose we often wonder, just how our times have been so fleet,

with everyday such aggravation, and so many great promises to keep.

In our regret we look back, and make a wish that we could but change,

all knowing that this is making no difference, if we could now rearrange.

Yesterdays are long history, and our tomorrows are all still yet to come,

if we make the most of our time right now, all the difference in this sum.

Precious memories are all gathered, in our minds and with so much care,

eemembering times in our survival, and what has helped to put them there.

If we take the time in our preparation, sharing the good with all of the rest,

we can be sure of our contribution, for us to succeed and to give our best.

Memories, so precious are our memories, saved within our hearts so well,

a special nook for all our childhoods, and some of which we might never tell.

A written record for each, a history, etched upon our minds for our review,

each life, is so very important, and upon pages read, of that we say and do.


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