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Recession and its side effects

Updated on April 14, 2014

Global economic melt down is taking toll on men’s mental health

Males are still regarded as a bread earner of a family and a crucial person of a family .

No matter what women do they are still not given much importance ,where as it is seen that they are more stronger than men where problems stand .So if a man loses his job he loses a
large part of his identity putting his mental well being in jeopardy. Men wrongly believe that admitting mental distress makes them weak and this kind of self stigma can cost lives
The recession has left a detrimental impact on the mental health of the people, but men in particular are seriously struggling with the emotional impact.The recession has gradually made the situation worse, the research shows one in seven men had developed depression within six months of losing their jobs or bearing heavy losses at stocks .
Men do not like to seek professional help because they feel embarrassed about discussing things with others, few though had experienced suicidal thoughts compared to women.some have
concealed themselves and are depressed .It is estimated that males and females are suffering from mental health problems roughly in equal numbers, but men are rarely to be diagnosed and treated for it.They have their prestige issue standing in front of them ,they do not want to admit they are mentally disturbed though very often they get irritated on every small thing they just want to stay alone ,very few men compared to women talk to friends about their problem .

Ups and downs are part of life one should learn to bear them ,its true no one can stay in stable mind after loses ,but we should always save for the worst times in life. Many people use to think that the worst time in life would be their old age but recession have taught a lesson that it may show its dirty face any time in our life .

Not much difference is noticed in the life of very rich or upper class the recession hammer strikes the middle class who are said to be a working class The survey, conducted by mental health charity Mind, found almost 40 percent of men to be feeling low about their job security, work and money playing on their minds. They do not want to seek help from a counselor and get prone to stress life.Its wise to stay calm as there is always a new fine day after every dark night .recession won't last long.So look for positiveness,may be what happened was for some good .the revival of world's economy would bring much better times ..


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 7 years ago

      Dev,that is very true "Hands that rock the cradle rules the world"and"Every successful man has a women behind him"are two great proverbs that fit into frame to prove the power of women.

    • DevBlue profile image

      DevBlue 7 years ago from Mauritius

      I always believed that women are in general stronger than men. However many of them are too emotional and this is one of their drawbacks which could make them weak. I consider that if women can get full control of their emotions, they will one day rule the world.


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