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Updated on February 20, 2016

Menopause Relief?

​​​Menopause symptoms include irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep difficulties, and irritability. Menopause treatments may include hormone replacement therapy or herbal remedies, I prefer the herbal remedies and have had success with several of them, unfortunately it seems as if they all work, for a time, but I have found that I have to switch after 6 months to a year, because they seem to stop working.

In reality, for many women, the menopause symptoms are relatively minor discomforts that do not require medication or treatment. Even for women, like me, whose hot flashes or other discomforts are intense, the problems are generally temporary and there are often other options available for managing them. I choice to use herbal supplements. Not all women experience symptoms, but for those of us that do there are a lot of choices to help with the symptoms. The option I use is natural supplements, I currently use menoquil, but I find I have to switch every 6-8 months as they seem to stop working for me or are not as effective after a few months.

Bioidentical “natural” hormones are better than traditional hormone therapy.

There is no evidence that bioidentical hormones are safer or more effective than other hormone therapy. The problem may be with the Compounding pharmacies that prepare and distribute these, they are inadequately regulated and you are never sure that you are getting exactly what you need in the amount you need.. So use any hormone replacement with caution as there is not enough data to support using any for any long period of time.


A good menopause supplement should provide a separate day and night formula for a total care solution for optimal menopause relief, but it is not always the case as long as the product has the right ingredients to support, and management of symptoms. It should contain clinically proven ingredients such as Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract, Ammonium Succinate, Passionflower Extract, Melatonin and Black Cohosh.

Menopause Therapy

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10 symptoms of Menopause

Women tend to experience the menopause towards their 50s, but it can occur from the 40s onwards. Some people also experience premature menopause. It is considered premature when it occurs in the 30s. Some of us can start pre-menopause in early 40's and others start late into there 50's. We are all different and since menopause can affect many factors of our health you should check with your Dr if you think you are approaching menopause, there are blood test to check hormone levels.

There are far more symptoms of menopause than simply not having a period any more. They can include:

Vaginal dryness

As the body changes during menopause, so do hormones, meaning that the vaginal wall slowly begins to reduce the amount of fluid that it creates. The walls also begin to become less elastic. Check with your Dr if you have any of these symptoms, there are options out there to help with this.

Mood swings

The stereotypical sign of a woman experiencing menopause is mood swings – it does have some truth to it. As the hormones in the body change, a woman will experience more frequent mood swings, going from feeling irritable to anxious, happy to sad, very quickly. Of course I found that I had some of this when I was younger and still getting my period as well.

Hot flashes

Women going through menopause will experience quick successions of hot flashes, suddenly becoming hot and sweaty, and the next minute feeling fine again. I explain it as being on fire from the inside and then freezing! Its great! This is my only issue at this point!


Urinary tract infections tend to become more common when women are going through the menopause. Of course it seems to be a common thing for older women anyway.

Decreased sex drive

For some the body stops lubricating the vagina, and essentially decides that sex is no longer a priority, it stops releasing hormones that maintain a high sex drive. This results in a loss of libido. and we loss interest in sex. Of course there are other things that can cause this as well, stress, work, kids etc.

Body aches

During menopause, the body does not release as much estrogen. This hormone is required for bone to replace itself, meaning that the bones can become brittle and painful over time, which can cause you to experience more regular aches and pains. That is why for women as we age its important to take calcium to help with bone strength

Weight fluctuation

Weight becomes harder to manage at an older age, especially after you hit 40, and this is the result of a number of conditions. For instance, the metabolism is affected by the hormone changes, and the ability to build muscle is reduced, meaning it takes more to build muscle and maintain good muscle health. I find now I get more weight around the belly at this point in my life, easy to put on weight, so much harder to take off.

Weakening of the fingernails

Fingernails may become weaker, and this is another result of low estrogen levels in the body.

Now you may have some or all of these symptoms, but talk to your Dr about what you can do to help with any or all of these!


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Psychological Symptoms Of Menopause And How To Solve Them

There are certain psychological symptoms of menopause that affects a lot of women. Instead of being scared or worried about these psychological symptoms of menopause, it is important for you to know them, so as to know what to expect and how to handle them.

Many people think that the only symptoms of menopause that you need to concern yourself with are the physical symptoms, but this is far from the truth.

Such psychological symptoms may include:


There is the tendency of getting depressed every now and then when you are approaching your menopause. This depression in some women is as a result of the way they think about menopause. Some women have a very negative impression about menopause and this causes them to always feel depressed. For women who have a great sex life, they could be depressed thinking menopause is an end to the great sex they use to have. Change your thinking because it isn't true that menopause signals an end to a great sex life if you are one of such women. You can still enjoy sex even when you get to menopause period.

Mood swings and emotional flare-ups

Also, note that the more negative you think about anything in your life, including menopause, the worse you will feel. Negative thoughts can even lead to serious physical ailment, so always think positively about menopause.

Other psychological symptoms of menopause include weepiness and memory lapses.

The absolutely best way of reducing these psychological symptoms of menopause is to fill your mind with positive thoughts about menopause. See menopause as a great stage in life that MUST come upon every woman. If you have negative thoughts about menopause, erase such thoughts from your mind.

Many women approaching their menopause also experience mood swings and emotional flare-ups every now and then. While this can be unconsciously, in some cases it is caused by the negative impression women have about menopause. In a society like ours, the negative views people have about menopause hasn't helped matters. Always think positively about menopause and this symptom will reduce drastically.

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Unfortunately, for women , menopause is inevitable, we all go through it in some form or another, its how you manage it that matters. There are plenty of natural products out there to help, do your research and don't be afraid to try. I tried several and found that they all seem to work for a time then they lose there effectiveness, at least for me, so all I can say is find what works for you and for you lucky ones that have no symptoms, I am jealous! Hot flashes are not fun but if this is the worst of it, I'm one of the lucky ones as well.


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