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All About Mens Acne

Updated on August 1, 2014
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Most of us experience pimples, including men. Men with pimple might feel embarrassed, thinking they may be the only a person over a particular age to encounter it. But they usually are not alone. While adolescents are the major sufferers of pimples, males can also get pimples and blemishes. The reasons behind acne are the similar for some people - hormonal changes. These particular changes result in too much oil and blocked pores, along with dead skin. Shaving does not lead to facial pimple as some people believe. The best cure for men is the same remedy for almost everyone: to always keep the face clean is the better solution to get rid of acne.

How Common Is Male Acne?

  • It's a very common idea that everyone outgrow pimple after adolescent years. This is not usually the case. Pimples in adult males are actually quite common. Based on Ask Men, 70 % of teenagers outgrow pimples; however 30 % experience acne as adult, additionally. According to Web MD ", 17 million older people in the US have pimples, with 25% of those are male."


  • The skin contains a lot of follicles including hair, oil, water, sweat glands as well as an fatty substance named as sebum. Whenever the sebum is blocked and will not flow simply due to the follicles of the skin, it results in pimples. Once the sebum gets trapped below the surface of the skin, it makes whiteheads, and when it gets stuck on the surface on the skin, it results in blackheads, based on Web MD. It could occur because of stress, bad eating habits, bad sleep behaviors, genetics along with the factors are unclear at this time, based on Web MD.


  • There are ways that men who suffer the pain of pimple might eliminate recurrences of the epidemic, when they are dealt with for pimples. Some of these treatment methods are a balanced and proper dieting, working out, drinking water and also softens the face with a hot soft towel before shaving your face. Actually eat a more healthy balanced eating habits allows for the skin with the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

Exercise helps prevent tension and gets better blood circulation, which might avoid pimple. Taking in water moisturizes your skin. Softening the face with a hot soft towel before shaving your hair to remove dead skin, which cuts removed the parts close to the acne and prevent the spread of bacterial infection.

Myths and Facts

  • One common misconception about acne is when you pop a pimple; it could heal more quickly and leave. More than just does popping the acne turn it to more serious, but it really also pushes the acne bacteria further into the skin layers, usually resulting into infections. Pimple will actually cause scarring, especially after popping the pimples. An additional belief is that there are differences in facial acne and body.

Acne breakouts are the same no matter where on the body and can exist anywhere on the body apart from the hands and also feet for the reason that the pores of the skin of the hands and feet do not actually have hair canals. Pimple typically shows up on the face, chest, back, neck, arms and even buttocks.


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