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Men's Fertility Sperm Foes: Odd Things and Weird Science

Updated on July 6, 2012

Many couples have issues becoming parents. The first step is having the woman become pregnant. For some, this is the roadblock. Either the woman has a problem with her eggs or related issues, or the man has too low of sperm count. Not exactly a talking topic for men to divulge even among the best of friends. It affects one in six couples and 40% of the time it is the man's problem, and 40% the woman's and the remainder-both. If it is the man, there is a 70% chance it is correctable. Most men create about 1000 sperm every heartbeat. Yes, heartbeat, not per day or per hour. That is an incredible rate.

For many men, the weird science about what causes infertility is just weird and unknown, for instance, heat from the laptop computer that is sitting on your lap can cause it, heavy alcohol use and cigarettes, wearing tight bicycling shorts, obesity, STD issues, groin injury, even drinking from certain types of plastic bottles or excessive exercise can cause impact the sperm count. That is not all, men should not use hot tubs, hot baths when trying to conceive because heat, even a a degree or so, will impact the sperm count or stop it. The good news is that the heat issue and the overly sensitive sperm is usually temporary. Even men who use testosterone can actually lower their own sperm count. They probably think quite the opposite because they associate it with building muscles but not knowing they are also shrinking their testicles and sperm production is stopped. Even medication prescribed can cause sterility or sperm count loss. Medications for high blood pressure, heart disease, stomach acid, enlarged prostates and baldness can impact sperm count. Male cyclists are urged to not ride more than 30 miles a day and use a wide seat instead of the typical narrow ones on racing bikes. Male joggers are urged not to run more than 100 miles in a week, as tests have shown, those that do have lower sperm counts. As for water bottles, some doctors tell men to not use any made with BPA, an estrogen.

Millions of sperm make their long journey to fertilize the woman's egg, yet only ONE achieves this. So, while it seems there is plenty of sperm, it is a false sense of security that the man is fertile. Men can be sterile with a single dose from an x-ray should the x-ray hit the testicles.


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