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Male health issues

Updated on March 6, 2016

Male Health Issues

On average the male life span is much shorter than that of a female. In 2010 a typical life span of a male born in the UK is 78.4 years, this is compared to the female average of 82.3 years. There is a significant difference of 3.9 years.


An explanation as to why men have a shorter life expectancy can be put down to genetic or lifestyle factors. A heart defect, caused by a defect in the gene are impossible to alter or control, to prolong a life span. Changes in lifestyle, are attainable, and can be changed with a dramatic effect on life expectancy and quality of life.

Causes of Death in Men

Heart disease/Heart attack
Various Cancers
Cerebrovasular disease (stroke)
Accidental death
Chronic lower respiratory disease
Liver disease/Cirrhosis
Kidney disease/failure



Men drink more alcohol than women, often exceeding the recommended weekly limit of 21 units (14 units for women). Leading to liver damage/disease and cirrhosis, obesity, depression, heart disease and cancer.


Again men tend to smoke more than women. Smoking a small amount of tobacco on a regular basis can lead to an increased risk in my types of cancer, tumours, cardio-pulmonary (heart and lung) disorders/disease, drastically reduced lung capacity and a significant drop in the immune system function. Smokers with a 20-a-day habit will die 15-20 years before a non-smoker.


Unfortunately men stay away from the doctor until something goes seriously wrong. Neglecting regular health check ups and the possibility of catching the early warning signs of a major illness. A survey taken in 2005 showed that 26% of males hadn't seen the doctor once during that year, compared to 12% of women.

Making a change to life style is a good start to better health, with the addition of exercise to their daily routine will have a greater influence on extending life expectancy.

  • Change for Life
  • Benefits of Exercising
  • Improve Good Cholesterol Levels

(HD - high density lipoprotein's). Exercising is one of the obvious ways to increase HDL levels. This in turn will help to reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL - low density lipoproteins). A change in balance to these levels will radically reduce the risk of a heart attack and stroke.

Lower Body Fat Levels

Obesity can lead directly to type 2 diabetes, which can also lead to other problems with circulation, the immune system depletion, decreased thyroid output and even death. Exercise will not only keep the fat off but has also been shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes occurring. Research has shown that a structured training program carried out over 36 months will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes taking place by 58%.

Lower Triglycerides

(An adverse form of fat found in the blood). High triglyceride levels lead to heart disease and heart attack, exercise can drastically reduce this risk.

Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure rises with age, but poor lifestyle factors, such as eating foods high in saturated and trans-fats, smoking, drinking excessively and increased stress levels are all things that need to be cut down or cut out completely.

Enhance Mood and Alleviate Depression: Have happy hormones with increased endorphin's and dopa mine levels through exercise.

Increased Natural Testosterone Levels and a Natural Rise in Libido: Improved Blood Circulation. Blood oxygen levels and oxygen transport, improved cardiovascular, pulmonary and organ function, plus an increase in immune system function.

Improved Sleep Quality: Increased mental clarity, brain and motor skill function.

© 2011 Helen Bolam


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    • Singular Investor profile image

      Singular Investor 6 years ago from Oxford

      Typical life span of a male 7.4 years in the UK. Wow they really don't like their male offspring ! All that stuff about puppy dog's tails no doubt. You may want to correct your typo :-)

    • Helen Bolam profile image

      Helen Bolam 6 years ago from South Shields

      Well spotted, thanks for pointing that one out.

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