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Mental Attitude Towards Achieving Success

Updated on May 8, 2016

When you are embarking on any project or plans, your greatest aim should be to achieve success, which is the judgment of hard work.

To achieve success, one need not to relax or wait for the time when it will come knocking at your door, rather they are always ready to take the chance and make the best out of it. It is said that success is in the blood, yet it cannot be attained merely by keeping still but striving to achieving your goal by working hard and being optimistic.

A good living is being happy at the greatest height not minding the situation at hand. When you are out doors always walk head high with cheerfulness, accommodating, getting along with others, and putting mind in all your endeavors. Do you know that the way you think shows in your character, it will be great to know that your mental attitude and the manner in which you use your time makes you who you are.

These are few tips in achieving your goals:

1) Freedom of the mind from any discouragement
2) Do not always feel unwanted or felling you will be laughed at
3) Don't spend your unlimited time figuring how to deal with your enemies. Always stand strong and execute what you would like to do without any grudge.

Fear as a Barrier to Success

The enemy of success is fear I say again fear, it destroys whatever plan is it we plan to execute, it separates our soul from our body. The fear of a disease kills faster than the disease itself, the moment we evacuate fear from our inner most self the best chance of achieving success. Hatred is also another thing we should we stop embedding in our heart it slows the steps or entirely stopping us from reaching our destiny. Distraction is also another challenge of success; most people are distracted from aiming their goal at a smallest form of event. Things like; clubbing, friends, and disappointment always interrupt us. Be determined to focus and you are on your way to achieving success.

The heart is the engine room to every man's life; we need to filter our heart from such things like fear, hatred, malice, and negative thinking. The way we think matters a lot, it determines our success in everything we do. Positive thinking is the answer; it prepares our mindset to attaining that glory. Try to keep your mind away from negative thinking and imaginations. Nevertheless, when they come resist and expunge them immediately. It is not easy initially though, but with determination, you will conquer all threats going on in your mind. Our mind should be set on whatever it is we are preparing to do and get ready to accomplish it within the slightest opportunity in our reach. The moment we stop thinking as a failure and think as a winner, the moment others accept you as a winner.

Every individual on existence have whatever it takes to make it in life, anything you want will be achieved, the question is do we desire this things, if yes is the answer then go for it. Serious people go to whatever extent they can to achieve success. Persistence is the key to your glory, it a habit that need to be cultivated in the pursuit of life. Keep trying until what you desire becomes a reality. A quote says, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win" although challenges are bound to occur in every man's life, no one can escape it, yet when it comes we ought to face and solve them. A problem not solved is like a battle not won, have you ever imagined your-self walking along a straight road, then you come across an obstacle, the question now is; will you remove the obstacle?, or will you go back to where you are coming from? These questions are for you. The way you answer these questions determines your attitude towards victory.

There is one thing we need to put into consideration, which will make our life a better one. Sometimes we see some people and we want to get our self-attached to them we might end up getting our self-attached with the wrong ones which might lead us away from achieving our goals in life. We want to make friends with people who have made it, why not strive in making our own and being able to help other with your substances. When you have attain your glory, you will end up having as many friends as you desire.

Walk Through Improving Your Self- Esteem Now.

Do not allow low self-esteem disorganize your life, rather think big and ensure to win. Success does not land on a platter of gold, but with determination. Do not think what people will say but believe you can do it better than anyone else does, have self-confidence. Do not shut yourself out from the society in order not to be laughed at or embarrassed, but go out there and grab your success.

I was scared on a particular project of mine thinking it won't come out fine, my heart was filled with different negative thoughts, then a friend of mine came to me and said your fear for your project is what will be used against you when the time come. Therefore, I have come to realize that whatever negative thought I have set in my mind will surely befall me. In essence, my advice is that we should always have faith and believe that everything will work out fine and it shall be so.

Setting Goals for Your Dream.

A person having a dream of establishing a business needs to know the kind of business he wants to implement, where to site the business, how to make it attract customers, the amount of money it will take to carry out such a business, all these are goals set to accomplish the business. You cannot succeed just because you had a dream about it; you actually need to set a target. To set a goal you must have a vision or dream, setting an objective is extremely important in actualizing the plans and a key to success. Therefore, to get to reach the top, you ought to assess and applied everything it will take to improve the reality of breakthrough. Therefore, take your pen and start putting them down now before it is too late.

Write Down Your Visions And Goals

Principles of Success.
1) Be a friend of God
2) Work hard and pray hard.
3) Learn how to manage your time well. Moreover, this "time" I talk about is all about achieving something and not about being busy
4) Be consecutive.
5) Write out your visions, goal, and plain towards achieving them.
6) Expunge fear and worry
7) Confess your dream positively, because confession brings possession.

If all these principles are considered, then you are a step ahead through achieving success.

With all these attributes and the perfect way of application, then you are just at the right edge of achieving your dreams.

Always have in mind that everything is possible, with the right mental attitude and encouragement you will get to the top.


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      Ezaka Charity 19 months ago

      Thanks for your steping by, and thanks for your comment.

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      michael 19 months ago

      nice ideas, really helpful keep it up