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Mental Health Awareness and Stigma

Updated on March 9, 2016

Mental Health

More must be done.

To bring education and awareness to those who are suffering very badly from depression, that can become severe enough that people are taking their own lives. Many have no clue, who have lives with no bumps. They are the ones who cause stigmas related to mental health. They have no compassion, and say the worst things possible to those suffering. Cheer up, snap out of it, life is what you make it, It goes on and on. there are people who are worse off than you.

Well, say to them, that there are people who are much happier than you, who have so much more than you, so what is your problem that you are not happier? Maybe this way they can see a glimmer of logic in what they are judging those who suffer, and have no clue as to what it is like.

Education and it's Importance

The importance of educating people on this topic, can never be understated. There is such a long way to go, to helping, researching, and helping people to cope with this illness.

There is far, far too much of a stigma associated with those who do not understand. Also it can start in childhood. Left unattended, can lead to devastating results. The suicide rate of young people leaves people shocked. Yet the reasons it is happening, are not understood, by non sufferers. The rates have gone up among all age groups. So keeping a stigma going, is just plain wrong. It is okay to have cancer, or diabetes, this is okay if you die from this. Generally it is accepted over a suicide, where the person also had an illness.


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