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Mental Health and Self Esteem

Updated on February 5, 2010

Mental health is essential, especially when you have stability and balance. Mental health is cultivated from our personal development. Our behaviors play a large part in how we perceive ourselves. When we have negative thoughts, if affects the mind, our actions and how we behave publicly. Mental health plays an essential part in our overall well being, as well as in our relationships.

Sometimes we seem caught up with our physical traits, looking at the exterior and failing to see the needs of our mind. Just like the body, the mind needs care too. The mind expects you to feed the subconscious and conscious mind. This is vital for improving your overall life, since you create healthy states. You want the subliminal and conscious mind to work in harmony.

When the mind feels depressed, tired, stressed, or frustrated the feelings affect we portray or reflect also affects others around us, as well as self. Depression can cause you to behave in strange ways. You may not feel like doing things you ordinary enjoy doing. 

Often when a person feels depressed, they frequent areas in the mind where they dwell on negative thoughts. The person may isolate, which may turn into complications, since the person may feel unworthy of living. Taking baby steps is the start to enhancing your self-esteem and coming out of this depressive mood.

Anxiety and depression uses your energy against you. Depression robs you of your metabolism, which is you life sustenance. For this reason, you want to reform depression; otherwise, it could cost your life earlier. You need to develop talents to relieve depression, since without persistence you will not achieve enhancing your self-esteem.

Persistence is your determination. This is the step to control your negative thoughts and those nagging feelings of despair. Your doctor may prescribe you medications to control depression, yet finding natural resources will benefit you more. Some medications used to treat depression were found to be dangerous.

Some of the common causes of depression emerge from unwillingness to stay active. To improve your self-esteem and overall life, you must find interest and join in activities, since it is an crucial segment of mental health. This includes your happiness and self-esteem.

Sometimes depression comes from feelings of boredom. If you often feel bored, then perhaps you can benefit from brainstorming so that you can cultivate your creative thinking. This will help you stay active and reduce your feelings of boredom.

When you feel depressed, it robs you of awareness. You often dwell on negative items, which causes forgetfulness and unwillingness to join in the things you enjoy doing.

Your need motivation, which comes from building your metabolism, which can you’re your with overcoming depressive episodes. You can try new things to feel happy again.

Ask your family and friends to assist you with developing healthy skills and boosting motivation. This will help you avoid isolation. Reward you when you have accomplished a task. If you finish your house chores early, take a journey to relax.

Negative thoughts will increase depressive symptoms. You may feel depression from pain, sorrows, loss of a loved one, etc. Sometimes you have to accept burden. Maintain a positive attitude by seeing these troubles in all angles.

You want to create realistic expectations. Accept situations in full light to abolish negative thoughts. Take action now to turn those negative feelings to positive influences. Tackle the negative by turning the bad situations into something positive.

Develop a habit to apply humor into your life. Laughter is an upside down frown that reduces aging, such as wrinkles, crowfeet, etc.

Develop interests in activities and friendships by learning how to manage your emotional responses to conquer personal complications and to continue solving your negative thinking habits.


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    • puter_dr profile image

      Mike Bouska 5 years ago from Midwest USA

      Thanks for your comment. Life goes easier with laughter!.

    • pagesvoice profile image

      Dennis L. Page 5 years ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

      I found us both on the same page regarding your views surrounding depression. I think more people need to focus on living with an attitude of gratitude and smile. When someone has a big grin on their face it is contagious to those around them. I also like what you say about laughing. I believe that laughing and joking indicate a certain flexibility with certain others in not being too serious about life. I voted this up.