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Mental Illness Awareness Understood

Updated on May 1, 2014

The different forms of mental illness

When most people think of mental illness they automatically are reminded of the psychiatric terms that are associated with the topic, but what they may fail to consider is that it is possible there are additional mental illness conditions that have not been diagnosed yet. This is only reasonable since medical science is always advancing.

Signs of mental illness

There are various signs that could signal mental illness. Some of these include long periods of depression, sleep deprivation, hallucinating, recluse personality, inability to have close relationships, etc. The most common sign of mental illness is personality disorder. This exhibits that someone is unable to live life accordingly when it comes to having a connection with people. They may even seclude their self away from others as result of this behavior. I have witnessed this kind of personality disorder before, and this person did become a recluse as a result of their mental illness. Each mental illness victim possesses their own identity when it comes to having the condition that categorizes them into being mentally unwell though.

Coping with mental illness

For one to know how to cope with their mental instability they must first be diagnosed to know if they are mentally unwell or not. If the diagnosis comes back positive they should then seek professional guidance from that point on. If a person is not able to get diagnosed because of financial reasons then they should utilize Google and search for different symptoms that they have in order to determine if they are mentally ill. These steps then lead to a resolution. There are people who are suffering mentally but choose to use addiction as a way to aid their condition. This is only going to make the condition worse because you are not giving your body a healthy balance at that point. The best way to cope with mental illness is to search for other alternatives that are health oriented and not associated with medications that are prescribed. The reason for this is because people get mentally and physically dependent on medications that are prescribed, which then creates a more possible way for them to become an addict.

Living in denial about having mental illness

Many people may choose to overlook their mental illness because they do not want to feel weaker than the average person, but they should not think that way because sometimes it simply runs in the family. It is a good idea to know your family tree so you can better understand what lies in your gene pool. Different mental illnesses are genetically transmitted but the victims may not realize then, therefore they continue living in oblivion to what they have. In spite of this, there are people who choose to live in denial when it comes to their mental illness condition. Of course, this could also be a result of them not wanting to feel weaker than others around them. What they need to think about though is that no one is perfect, and that there are many people living with other types of health conditions.

Does being mentally ill make me crazy?

There is a fine line between clinically insane and mental illness. It is common for people to make a hasty generalization regarding mental illness in the way to where they make a mentally ill person out to be crazy even if that person is not clinically insane. The idea of crazy usually refers to a person who is out of their mind. Just because you may have a personality disorder or depression does not mean you are out of your mind. People can get crazy when mad but that is only a temporary state of mind. To be clinically insane is to not be allowed in society.

What is the best way for me to live with mental illness?

Always try to make sure that you have some kind of proof that you are mentally unwell via a professional doctor diagnosis or research that relates to you. Once you are aware of your mental instability if you do make a clarification or have a positive diagnosis, you need to seek health oriented ways to help assist you. Meditation is not for everyone but I do recommend it if you are living with depression. There are herbal remedies out there for many different mental conditions that should be considered greatly. If you choose to take medication just be aware that you may become addicted to it. Living with mental illness is not easy for people to do but these days there are different solutions out there that can maximize one's outlook even if they are living with a mental illness.


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    • RobinWritesAbout profile image

      Robin Hughes 3 years ago from Las Vegas

      "I advocate that if people are having issues, they start with a general practitioner to rule out physical problems that can mimic mental illness. That way, they can get a referral and move immediately to see a mental health practitioner. Sometimes it is hard to get in if you just call them cold turkey."

      I agree.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I came to my mental illness in a round about way. I was plagued with severe PMS for a number of years, then my thyroid went haywire, and I was in an accident. When the dust settled, and all my blood levels were normal again, there were still issues. At that point, I was referred for treatment and diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I advocate that if people are having issues, they start with a general practitioner to rule out physical problems that can mimic mental illness. That way, they can get a referral and move immediately to see a mental health practitioner. Sometimes it is hard to get in if you just call them cold turkey.