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Mental Illness vs Mental Minority

Updated on June 17, 2015

Mental Minorities

Mental Minorities

Sometimes a point of view is politically motivated. This is such with so called mental illness. There is no guideline to define what mental illness is. There is only a diagnostic statistical manual of mental minorities. If these minorities are already happy, then why subject them to treatment? Also how statistically different is their lifestyle from the rest of their culture? Many times before intervention there is no difference. After intervention you have a pauper who is said to be disabled. Really? Not in my book. We are always able to perform something, and work and making money can be better therapy than Freud.

Too often mental minorities find themselves reduced to third class citizens with illegal aliens having more rights and freedoms. They are more like prisoners and property. They are subjected to the authority of every citizen that works for social services and the medical profession regardless of their age, maturity, experience, wisdom, or training. By the way…why train anyone to treat free adults like prisoners and property? Also since when do mental minorities need what most people call therapy? Usually it’s just a crock of shit babysitting situation or fault finding bitch session that’s not worth anybody’s time or energy.

Mental minorities have complained from the beginning all of them without ever being heard or their words considered worthwhile or valuable. They fall on the deaf ears of the system and the Nazi zombies who blindly and ignorantly follow organized doctrine. Organized for what and what kind of doctrine?

They are organized to stamp out intuition because intuitives can’t be fooled. They always know the truth about the intent of the powers that be and they call them out on it constantly predicting the end of the world because of injustices, oppression, and hate. They don’t want intuitives revealing their motives and plans and they do everything to stop them including using political language like crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theory, lack of insight into one’s own mental condition, carelessness, apathy, mentally ill, unfit for work and parenting or to make one’s own decisions…all these and more. This is all for the sake of the 2% maintaining power and control.

Their doctrine is materialism – they only believe what they themselves can sense. At least that’s what they tell their Nazi zombie, subordinate, mindless followers. Sometimes they are intuitive too and they develop it to high performance and they realize that high performing intuitives are a threat to their power, control, and status because the 2% doesn’t want to share.

The only way to stop intuitives is to medicate them, hospitalize them, institutionalize them marginalize them, take away their rights and freedoms and put them under the control of government backed agencies that mandate a lifetime of subordination, control, repression, restriction, and suppression of the intuitive abilities that give a person the ability to gain power over their lives and to receive knowledge about the hidden realities of life. This doctrine isn’t questioned or tested or scrutinized. The result is a class of people who are seen by the masses to be nothing but a problematic drain on society when they are supposed to be the leaders of movements and teachers of the masses. Their ranks include visionaries like Joan of Arc, Buddha, Jesus, MLK, me and many other intuitives who constantly reveal the hidden nature of reality.

Not questioning doctrine is what Nazi zombies do. They state that they are doing their job and won’t get fired for anyone because they need the money. Nazi. They are the walking dead invasion prophesied to come in every generation and alluded to in many intuitive visions.

So now we know what the problem is and why. So what’s the solution? – Equal rights under the protection of the constitution and law enforcement. We need for all of us oppressed, medicated, institutionalized, marginalized intuitives to all take a stand even when things are going smoothly. We cannot afford to be a subclass of citizen. We need to stop giving up on ourselves and living a decent life of self-sufficiency with the freedoms that it entail. We need to find out who we are and why and then take the steps to enhance what we have. We need to look at life primarily as a spiritual experience in a physical body. Everything is truly spiritual in nature no matter what it is. Matter is only an illusion. We need to learn metaphysical realities and teachings first and foremost from the earliest of time that we become aware that we are intuitives. Simply put – intuitives need to know that they are intuitives and train and cultivate their senses and abilities. The 2% won’t allow this of the masses or society would change into a utopia with abundance for all.

We are not mentally ill as your politically skewed language sais. We are mental minorities, so stop treating us like 3rd class citizens and property and start protecting and enforcing our rights as first class citizens.


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