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Mental Tapioca II: Electric Boogaloo

Updated on November 8, 2008

Have you ever really took a moment, to lift your head up from the day to day of the shores of your life, just to look out over your horizon? Has that horizon changed since discovering the life raft of recovery or are you still standing on the shores of your island? Have you ever just took a look back? Just too see how far out of the jungle on your deserted island you have came? Even though the treck through your jungle may have seemed impossible, and maybe you had to be rescued out of the quicksand once or twice, you've survived. Aren't you amazed at how far you have come? Yeah, maybe you still have a long adventure ahead of you, but the tide has changed. Now you realize that you have a chance to escape.

Are you affraid to take a chance out there in the big vast ocean on your little life raft? Maybe you don't feel your raft is strong enough to make it out there alone? Are you worried that you could possibly drowned if your out in the vast sea all by yourself? Maybe you don't have enough faith in your life raft? So, you don't want to leave your island yet? Maybe you will test out your raft by paddling around your island. The action is still the same one paddle in the water at a time and you keep on moving. Or do you think that you are going to get lucky enough to create a sail for your life raft and sail smoothly, and not have to learn how to still work a sail, so that the wind fills the sail so you can keep sailing along?

Maybe your just holding out on your island for a rescue plane, or boat to come and rescue you? Do you the resources on your island to build signal fire or any other thing to attract to attention of the rescue plane, or boat? Then again maybe you think that land with civilization isn't really to far away? And you believe that you are a strong swimmer; so you don't need to be rescue by anyone, you don't need a life raft, but you are ready to leave your island. With great confidence you jump into the waters of the vast ocean and start to swim by yourself, without help. Only to get about a 100 yards away from your island and you start to develop a cramp.

Now you are cramping up and you can't swim back to your island and you can't swim any further forward, there is no land in sight. So there you are drowning in the vast ocean all alone. Some how you get washed up on the shore of your island. You awaken spitting up salt water, everything tastes like saltwater, you are tired and weak. So, you rest a bit. You heal getting stronger once again, because you are still a survivior. This time while you were recovering you think about the tools you have and what is at your disposal. You start to make a mental inventory of what you have. You start to think about a different course of action to help you get off of you island.

This time you know one thing is for sure...You are not going to try to swim alone ever again!



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