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Mental agitations leads one to Wisdom!

Updated on September 12, 2013

Churning curd, catalyst, road and railways.

How agitations leads us to revelations of Truth?

Many readers will be astonished about the topic of this hub. Yes, mental agitations leads us to wisdom in the long run. Almost all the people are subjected to mental agitations during some time of their life. Worries are really small compared to constant agitations of the mind due to some deep malady.

First of all, our life do not go as per our wishes. Some unknown hand or force guides the events. Many a time we are shell shocked due to the bizarre turns our life takes. We use the term 'accident' without understanding of the working of life's forces.

As far as life is concerned, 'nothing is really an accident but every thing is an incident! We have seen trains travel on two parallel rails and it can not deviate from the route of the direction of the rails. Because of fixed rails, accidents are mostly avoided. Only on rare occasions, due to signal failure or communication gap, some rare accidents do occur in Railways all over the globe. But on motorable roads and highways, it is the responsibility of the drivers of the vehicle to safely navigate the roads. There is no fixed path like the railways The main difference is 'motorists can choose the way, which is flexible. He can not foresee the vehicles coming in the opposite directions. But the Railway pilots (drivers) are clear about the timings and the rail traffic in the opposite directions.

Human life is set on motion just like a train on the pair of rails. The rails that govern human life is "Action and Righteousness" as per the ancient scriptures. These are termed as Karma(action) and Dharma(righteousness). Our life's journey will be safe, if we adopt the path of Righteous Actions throughout our life. The rails are invisible. When we travel thus, we will reach our destination at some fixed times.But man out of greed and desires choose a different route than the fixed rails. His life become de-railed and he undergoes lot of turmoil and turbulence since he chose a different path other than the traditional one.

His wrong choice has led him to dilemma and agitations. It is not within his capacity to take once again to the fixed rail route. He badly needs the help of a savior or preceptor who can guide him towards righteous moral path. Mental agitations cause more grief than physical pain. The mind affects our sub-conscious to a great extent. These agitations will continue to bother him until he relinquish his hold on immoral and unrighteous ways. The Self within each being transmute and transform a man after a long and tedious troubles. It is our regular experience that good times pass off quickly whereas bad times linger on and we feel the suffering every moment of our waking and sleeping states. These sufferings acts as a 'catalyst' in every human mind. But it takes a lot of time to gather wisdom.

Now we will see some real life examples. Old people from rural areas are clever. It takes a long time to extract butter from curds. First, the raw milk has to be boiled and cooled. After cooling, a small amount of curd is added and the vessel of milk is left untouched for a day. The next day, curd is formed in the vessel. The old woman folk used to curdle the same by agitating it with a wooden contraption. It will have teeth like cuttings around the circular bottom. With a thick rope tied to a pillar, they will churn the curd on both directions. In half an hour, curd will produce butter which will float on the surface.. In a like fashion, the agitations of our mind enable us to collect the wisdom(butter) out of the churning process of the higher mind.

This act is invisible but we can feel the peace that accompanies the wisdom. Hence grief and troubles are really a boon for the human beings to escape from this miserable life of coming and going (birth and death). Wisdom prepares us to escape from the cycle of births and deaths. It enlighten us to the fact, "that worldly pleasures and acquisitions leads us ultimately to sorrow and by detaching our mind from worldly things and relinquishing the ego, we can really come out of the miserable life.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 4 years ago

      A fine thought. Thank you! We should never get depressed about the way life takes its turns. Accepting everything gladly and cheerfully reduces our tensions. Enjoying the nature is one great way to divert our attentions from mundane problems! Thank you once again.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Wow! Coming out of the miserable life takes some doing! We all have difficulties, and we can either wallow in them or make life better because we learn from them. Sometimes we go through life like we are on a train, just barreling through without looking one way or the other. How much better it is to go through life with our blinders off and the windows wide open. That way we can enjoy the countryside and welcome the beauty of the changing seasons.