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Mental-illness and Bipolar

Updated on August 26, 2014

What is Bipolar? Bipolar is a disease that causes changes in the chemistry balance of the brain.People with bipolar can go through a period of mood swings, depression and can be clarified as a mood (mania) ..These episodes can be brought on by the amount of stress a person put on themselves when they are in a Manic depression.

Being in a manic episode persons lash out at others, they manipulate anyone they can to get what they wants. They swear, yell and scream, manipulating anyone who will listen.

I have been living with this illness in my family for 10years, at times this kid is the perfect angel, respectable and loving. He was diagnose with bipolar at the age of 10 going in and out of facilities. These places never kept he long enough to basically teach him about bipolar. He was given pills that made him sleep all day and high . He didn't like have it made him feel, so he refused to take the medication.Now he lives his life in denial , knowing that he has the disease but not willing to do anything about it.

No one really know where this disease comes from because there are no labs test that can say whether not a person has this disease. Most likely this disease runs in the family and is travels to the children.

There 's no known cure for bipolar disorder but the proper treatment helps controls the illness and the disease.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 3 years ago from Boston MA

      There is no known cure for bipolar manic but it can be maintain with the proper help and treatment. Jada67