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Mental case enigma

Updated on June 24, 2016

Our human brain and its problems

In life there are many problems that need to be solved. One of the biggest problems is our own human brains, when it does not work the way it is supposed to work. So, instead of being able to solve the problems that we are in, it becomes a problem itself.

Since today I am experiencing one of this even at close range, let us take a look at what is happening.

Our human brain is there to guide us when it works well

Sometimes even good minds fails to work the way that they are supposed to work, this is one of the problems that we face these days, there are reasons to believe that today there are many people that require mental help.
Sometimes even good minds fails to work the way that they are supposed to work, this is one of the problems that we face these days, there are reasons to believe that today there are many people that require mental help. | Source

This is a personal cry for help

Dear readers, I am sorry to say that what I am going to write in this article, it is a very sad and worrying event that is happening right in front of my eyes. So, I wish that I had better news to tell you; because happy news brings happiness to people that hear them, but sad news brings sadness and I don’t like to impose on you my readers this sadness that we are going to talk about in this article; but in fife things happen and most times it is useful to talk about what is happening to anybody that could listen whatever we are going to say. So, I am going to talk about what is happening and I hope you don’t hate me for telling you all this sad story.

You see, what I am going to talk about here is a very strange case of mental illness that is affecting a young man close to me. Now because this case is about mental health, all names and relationship to me have been changed, so that there is no link that could identify the person concerned; here I would also like to point out that I am not an expert in mental health issues, even though I have closely followed a few cases of mental illness that have happened very close to me; therefore I would like to advice the readers that whatever I might say later on in this article is not to be taken for advice to my readers, in fact there is nothing that I could offer my readers, accept the hard facts of what is actually happening in this sad life story.

You see, one of the reasons why I am writing this article here, it is that I hope that there might be somebody in the Hub Pages community that happen to read this article and could be able to advise me, so I would say that this article is not meant to pass advise or information to anybody, because I need advice myself, therefore you could say that this article here is a cry for help, because we need help and there does not seem to be anybody around that is able to advise or help us presently.

As I have said above this article is a cry for help; you see, the reason I am writing this article, it is because I am in search of who could advise me what could be done to help this young man, before he becomes so ill or sick that would be hard if not impossible for him to become a normal member of the community again, as I fear that there are signs that that might really happen. Now that I have explained my position and what is the reason that I am writing this article, let me set it up by telling you the people involved in this case and then talk about what is happening to this young man that has still a long life to live for, so I wish that he realizes that he needs help as soon as possible, because I have heard that in these cases the sooner he receives help the better it is for him.

In this article we will be talking about Mr. James Lee, who is the son of a very close friend of mine Mr. Don Lee; anyhow I and Mr. Don Lee have been friends for years, even before he married Sara who is a very close relative to me, so, there is not much that I don’t know about Don Lee and his family, including James Lee that is now a young man in his early thirties. Unfortunately, James Lee seems to have some mental problems lately, for this reason we believe that he lost his job, or perhaps he left his job as an engineer; yes Mr. James Lee is a Civil engineer, and he graduated at the University of Queensland, he has worked for a few years as a Civil engineer and that was good for him; the real reason why he lost a left his job is had to say, because James Lee keeps these personal things to himself.

Therefore, these days Mr. James Lee does not work and he is not looking for work ether, this is a great pity because if he continues to do what is doing now he is going to waste his life achieving nothing. Mr. Don Lee laments this state of things and he is worried about his son mental health, because he is acting very strange, as I am going to explain soon here under. Anyhow, we are all worried about James Lee and we would like to help him, but how we can help him we don’t know, so we are looking for ways that we would be able to help him.

In cases like this one, we start to think about all those years of study and all those dreams of greatness that the parents of James had for him, and now, because of this mental illness those dreams might never come true, you see, all those years of study suddenly seem to have gone all down the drain, because James Lee we believe is mentally sick and does not want to see the mental doctors, he denies his illness and that has become a real problem for everybody around.

So, all the people that are concerned about him and would like to help him are looking for help, and perhaps even crying for help to anyone that would be able to help. But at the same time they don’t want to say much openly, because it is not nice to talk about people with mental illness, as we all know. So, even asking for help has become a problem, in this case.


The mind has its own problems

There are many types of mental illness that we can suffer during our lives, as you can see from our photo here, some could be easy to give them a name, but some are hard to know what type of mental illness one has, unless you see a psychiatrist.
There are many types of mental illness that we can suffer during our lives, as you can see from our photo here, some could be easy to give them a name, but some are hard to know what type of mental illness one has, unless you see a psychiatrist. | Source

The parents lament

Mr. and Mrs Lee lament greatly about their son illness, they are lamenting it, because they have done many things to help him, but they did not succeed in helping him, so, they don’t know what else to do to help their son, you see, wherever they turn there are problems that are not easy to solve, this might seem strange that these modern times there are so many health problems that are hard to solve, but it is so in the mental health department, and I can see some of the reasons why it is so, but at the same time I wish that it was easier to access this mental health service.

Having said that, I can see that there are reasons why it is hard to get to see a mental health doctor, it does not mean that the health system is okay the way it is; because in some cases like this James Lee case, I believe that it is necessary that the patient be seen from these doctors, it is almost urgent because the longer a patient is sick in the first place, the longer it is going to take to make him healthy again; therefore it would be ideal if they are seen as soon as possible, but it does not happen that way, that is why James Lee’s parents lament about the mental health system, and we all lament about that also, because it is very hard to see a young Civil Engineer go to waste, just because the parents and friends have not been able to convince him that he is sick and should see a mental doctor. At this point of time I believe that you would like to know why we believe that he is mentally sick, so let us describe how he behaves and what he does.

James Lee, as we have said is not working these days, and he also does not look for work, which is not right for a qualified young man of his age; his behaviour is very strange and does not make sense to anybody that is close enough to see what he does; let me describe here are a few strange things that he does: he comes home and he starts making loud noise by banging say the car keys on the table, then he might go in his bedroom and slams the door, after that he purposely drops things on the floor or something else that makes loud noise, if anybody asks him what seems to be the problem, or something of that sort he gets very upset, because he is upset he might want to scratch himself or slap himself or bite himself and other strange things as well, and then he might blame the person asking him and say; look what you make me do? It is your fault, because you are making me do this to myself: But that is not all, because his behaviour keeps changing, so, it is even hard to make a list of what he does. For this reason, all the family and very close friends are concerned or perhaps I should say worried about James Lee.

Anyhow because we would like to explain Mr. James Lee behaviour as much as possible, so that, you may understand what we want to convey to you, in the hope that some of you may be able to advice on anything that might be able to help this young man, we are going to say a lot more about his strange behaviour here-under.

Some mental people behaviour

Yes, we could say that mental people act very strange, they could even want to kill themselves or do some very strange things that would upset the people around them.
Yes, we could say that mental people act very strange, they could even want to kill themselves or do some very strange things that would upset the people around them. | Source

Mr. James Lee illness strange behaviour

As we have said already, we believe that James Lee has some mental illness, that is the reason why he behaves in this strange ways. As we have already said above, Mr. James Lee is behaving in many strange ways that would be hard to explain most of them, but I will have to try to describe the most obvious and the most consistent ones here-under, so that a sort of profile story case would be made. Just to start with, let us tell you what has happened recently and then perhaps later on we will start telling you the story, in a more detailed way from the beginning.

As we have said above, James Lee becomes very upset and agitated when people talk to him, he likes to stay all by himself with his own thoughts, but at the same time he makes these noises that upset the people around him; so what has happened a few weeks ago is this; it was about past ten PM when most people go off to bed, but James Lee was not thinking of going to sleep at that time, he must have been very upset in his own strange way, because he started one of those strange behaviour and was making very loud noises, his parents tried to ask him why he was doing these things, but James Lee became very upset and among other things that he did, like scratching his face, hitting himself with his own fist in the head, dropping on the floor, as if he was dying or something similar, he also went into the kitchen picked up a knife and wanted to harm himself with it and many other things that would be hard to describe them all.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee were very worried about James, and even though they were very upset and telling their son that they would like him to see a doctor as soon as possible or they would call an ambulance to take him to the nearest hospital; James Lee did not want to hear about it and he tried to stop them several times, when they were calling the ambulance, but in the end somehow they managed to call the ambulance and it came about midnight; strange as it might seem James did not argue much with the paramedic of the ambulance, while the ambulance was there Mr. Don Lee the father of James Lee explained to the paramedic about the suicidal intention of his son, in the hope that he would also be seen from a psychiatrist, so they thought that now that some doctors would see their son, their problem would be half solved, but even all this effort was not to be successful, because James Lee only saw the physician of the hospital during the night, or in the early hours of the morning; then he was supposed to wait at the hospital until the psychiatrist would come in to see him, but he did not want to wait, so he left the hospital and walked back home. The staff of the hospital were alarmed at his disappearance and called Mr. Lee, to see if James Lee had returned home. Anyhow soon after that James came home, so everything seemed to be a bit better, accept for the fact that James Lee had failed to see the psychiatrist, when his parents had provided one of the best opportunities to see him.

Here we have to point out that it is very hard to live with these people that have some mental disturbance or illness, and a good opportunity that could have helped solve the problem has vanished, just because James Lee is in denial and he believes that he does not need to see a psychiatrist. So, now Mr. Lee and the rest of the family are waiting for next opportunity, or think to create another opportunity for James to see a mental doctor.


Mr. and Mrs Lee days are a torment

Since the day that James Lee came back from the hospital without having seen a psychiatrist, it is a torment for Mr. and Mrs Lee. Because they are still looking for ways of how they could make their son James see a psychiatrist, so, every day that passes without finding a way about how to get James Lee to see a mental doctor, it is another day of torment for Mr. Lee and his family; one has to know that probably there is nothing more painful than this sad happening in a normal day life, (accept when somebody dies suddenly) because you are forced to see that a member of your family could be helped, but you cannot help him, because he denies that he needs help.

Today I am editing this article, because I need to add something else, as things have changed a bit for the better. So, let me tell you that these sad happenings have gone on for several months, and all that time it has been a real torment for Mr and Mrs Lee. But one day after many attempt finally they got their son to see a mental specialist, which admitted James Lee to hospital, where James Lee stayed only about a week. Because a patient in hospital costs a lot of money to the government, Mr James Lee was allowed to go home early. Anyhow, at this point of time things seem to be a bit better; only because James Lee admits to himself that he is sick, so he takes his medicine, and goes back to see the hospital doctor every month, so, he hopes of becoming a normal person one day.

Now it has been a few months since Mr James Lee was in hospital. Today James Lee is a bit better, because he is not very agitated as he was before, but still he is not able to work and he does not even look for work. Mr and Mrs Lee are worried, because this might become permanent, as they don’t see their son health improve to the point of becoming completely independent in the near future.

Anyhow, as we have said, Mr James Lee is a bit better these days, and this improvement is good for his parents, as they are not under that enormous strain as before. But sometimes one wonders how hard life can sometimes be, it seems to hit always the same unfortunate people, is seems to run in some families more than the others. Anyhow at this point of time, we just have to wait and see what happens next.

We will come back to add something else, if and when things change.

See you soon in another article.


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 23 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This situation is very unfortunate. It is hard for loved ones to see one of their own deteriorate to the point that action must be taken. In many places, it is possible to contact law enforcement and have the person committed to a mental health unit for evaluation, especially if they are in danger of hurting themselves or others. If they are not to that point, it is difficult to get help. Perhaps the family can talk to a local human services center for advice, or even the family physician. Taking the person for a physical health evaluation may reveal issues that have not been considered, as well as a referral for mental health treatment.

    • F-Menchise profile image

      F-Menchise 23 months ago from Brisbane Australia

      Thank you Denise, you are a very helpful person. I am taking your advise and I will talk to the family physician, in the hope that they could help, or at least tell me what could be done; in this case it is very hard to decide what to do, because the ill person does not want to go to the doctor, so we are all waiting for what is going to happen next and from there decide our next move. Thank you again.

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