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Mental fitness distractions

Updated on April 21, 2016

Whether it’s the start of a new day, new week or of a new year you’re excited about getting into shape. Unfortunately, this motivation doesn’t last long and if your determination isn’t there you’re bound to quit at some point down the road. There’re some mental obstacles that tend to get in the way of our motivation and sometimes we’re completely unaware of them. Here are some things that you want take into account before you even begin to even think about quitting.

Comparing yourself to others

When starting your workout routine everything is good until you begin to really pay attention to the people around you. Most likely this will happen when you see a little change in your appearance or weight. At first you’re excited of your hard work paying off. Then you begin to pay close attention to the one with the slimmer waist or the more toned butt. You’re normally unaware that you’re comparing yourself to another person and for some people it will become a habit you develop and before you know it you’ll be comparing yourself to anyone with some sort of figure on them. It won’t be long until your achievement becomes unnoticed and unappreciated by you, because you’re too focused on the everyone else. It’s important that you stay in your lane at all times; If that person you find yourself comparing yourself to isn’t some type of personal trainer don’t take any advice from them (their way not be the route you want to take). Instead of worry about the next person focus on yourself the only person you should be comparing yourself to is the YOU you want to become.

No plan

So you got your gym membership and you’re all excited and ready to begin your transformation. You get in the gym and your pause in the middle of the floor looking around trying to figure what to do or how a machine works. You might start at the bench press do about a set of eight reps then you move to the treadmill for five minutes, then you’ll go this doohickey trying to figure out how does it works and what it works. After bouncing for station to station you pause and look everyone else to see what they’re doing. You notice that everyone in there know what they’re doing; you grow discourage and feel as if you’re in everyone’s way (to be honest your kind of are). Before you even purchase a membership develop a workout routine. A good workout routine has a set number of reps and sets. This will also make your time at the gym run smoother than before, because you know what you’re doing, how long you’re doing it and how many times to do it.

how many times do you compare yourself to others

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It’s okay to have an ideal image that you want to be but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach that image. Keep in mind that there are factors that may prevent you from reaching that image. For example, body composition is one of them; as well as body shapes (apple shape, pear, bottle shape). You should accept yourself for who you are and continue to get the best shape you can possibly get in.

How to stay focus

  • Create a playlist for your workout
  • Put your phone on vibrate or on silence
  • Get a workout buddy if possible
  • Keep a log of your workout
  • Set a realistic goal

It's a process

This the most common reason people tend to throw in the towel and call it a day; they start to see a change at first then after a while they don’t see anything. Before you give up ask yourself this: are you doing the same routine over and over again? Are you challenging yourself to do a little more each workout session? Are you eating right? These questions are important because: 1) If you’re doing the same thing over and over again your body is reaching a peak which means that it’s use to the movements and see no need in growing. 2) If you’re not increasing the weight or the endurance of a cardio workout once again your body doesn’t see the need to grow. If you want your body to grow you need to give your body a reason to do so. 3) At this point I don’t think you need someone to tell you how important a proper diet is (in fact it’s just as important as the workout). As long as you eat right, get plenty of rest, and continue to challenge yourself in every workout session you’ll be fine.


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