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Mentally Ill Woman Delivers Haymaker To Cleveland Clinic Doctor

Updated on July 18, 2015

My mentally Ill friend, Suzie, has been very upset for the past few days, ever since her doctor at the Cleveland Clinic rejected her request for a signature that would have netted her funds for college at Baldwin Wallace University. That young doctor pretty much blew Suzie's head right off her shoulders. But in the meantime Suzie has been active...

Last Monday Suzie met with her former therapist and apprized her of the situation, a bi-polar lady who took her Masters at Case Western University. Right away she said, "I think we can work this out," and set Suzie up with an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner on the staff to ask for the much needed qualified signature. It is pretty much a done deal. She also said she thought that doctor was fearful of getting sued.

The doctor is a Resident; very green, very new to the business of mental health. She wants to learn, and is indeed a rank beginner. She doubted Suzie's competence to pay back the student loan even though the financial aid officer who reviewed Suzie's application recommended approval based on her volunteer work and computer skills. Suzie was volunteer of the year three times for three different first rate organizations..

[Update] But I would say Suzie got things done just the same. The doctor said, "no" but Suzie is well on her way. The Nurse Practitioner wrote and signed the appropriate letter of recommendation.

That doctor has a new opening on her roster, if you are interested. She is no longer Suzie's doctor. What license they take regularly with those so afflicted. Others don't need a doctors signature for much of anything. They did not discuss it much when she called. Suzie expressed her option and ended the conversation. She said "no more."

I would say further, frankly, that Suzie flat out left her wondering where that haymaker came from, so to speak. And, believe you me, to hear her talk, she has no intention of looking back to see if the good doctor got back up again.

Suzie is the daughter of a former NASA scientist, a man who graduated summa cum laude in Mathematics and Physics at Akron University. His son did the same in Engineering. Also a Schizophrenic, her father helped put the first man on the Moon.

A good lesson on mental health and the capacities of the mentally ill. Now the good doctor knows what getting Sued is all about. Lets celebrate with a song. for you, for me, for handicapped people all over the Earth. Here is a favorite of mine, Apple Scruffs, originally by the late George Harrison.


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    • Wrath Warbone profile imageAUTHOR

      Terry Chestnutt 

      3 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      I agree, littledog, with all you said and believe every word of your description of how you were mistreated by the mental health system. Clearly, Suzie was mistreated by the system too, but she was able to work things out and benefit from some of what is good in the system. That is not always the case, in my experience. Thanks.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Yes the mental health system for indigents did have me as patient for 4 years. They were understaffed and in my case they did far more harm than good. They seemed to over medicate everyone. I quit their treatment eleven years ago and don't regret it for a minute. They told me that I would relapse and be back when they had their security man escort me out of the building for noncompliance for refusing to take the high doses of medications.

      By the way I choose to say that I have a mental illness rather than I am mentally ill. I have a disease but I am not the disease. I am more than a label.


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