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How To Be Happy

Updated on July 11, 2016


I know it's hard to get up when you're feeling down. Sometimes you just wish you could sleep all day. But if you wanna battle through it, you can... with exercise. I downloaded a YOGA app on my phone. When you exercise your body secretes hormones called endorphins. Its primary function is to make you feel good (which is true)! I actually feel great after a workout. Though sometimes I feel like it's partly because I feel like I'm about to get those nice toned abs (i'm hoping). Anyway, exercise boosts your entire system up... so get up and work out!

#2 Plan for the Future. Reflect on the Past.

I do reflect on the past whenever I feel down. It's forces me to think of the things that I usually overlook-- last night's chillin' with my girl friends, movie dates with a friend, getting a new pen, discovering a new way of treating my damaged hair, etc. It makes me realize that I should be grateful of the things I usually take for granted. Planning for the future is kinda like looking forward to what might be if I do this or that. I makes me feel so much more in-line and focused to achieve my goals. Oh and be more thankful for the simple things.

#3 Get Organized.

I am not a "neatfreak," compared to my family. I usually think that I am the opposite of being a "neatfreak". I usually get scolded for being too messy when I'm doing my work. But I always tidy up afterwards. My family (most especially my mom's side) are HARDCORE NEATFREAKS. So when people tell me, "you're such a neatfreak," I tell them, "you should meet my mom, aunts, and grandma."

Getting organized (with my books, makeup, bags, etc) makes me feel like I'm in control of my space. That sense of "being in control" contributes to making a person feel more confident and happy.

I am usually messy with my clothes. Like I have clothes in almost every room in our house. So my goal is to get ONE BIG CLOSET to start getting organized.

#4 Get a Pet.

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Have a cute pet to cuddle with!

#5 Stay off of the Internet. I Mean It.

Being on the internet made me feel sad. Not only because I'm bombarded with tweets and other posts of how freakin' haphazardly "awesome" my friends' lives are (while I'm stuck with my "boring" daily routine), but also because some of my friends on fb and twitter are INTENSE "RANT-MACHINES". Also, there are a lot of bullies and self-absorbed people on the internet whose posts are pretty much too stressful/ traumatic to see/ read.

Don't get me wrong, I love my daily routine! It's not at all boring. However, a happy-go-lucky-party-all-night kinda life does seem kinda fun.

#6 Get Busy/ Hangout with Friends

Call up your friends! Go out! enjoy life a little!

Do some shopping or go bowling! I would definitely opt for karaoke at TimeZone. Coz I have this insane awesome voice. No, just kidding. I suck at singing. But it's fun! If they seriously wanna be your friends, they should start learning to love that annoying voice. OR NOT. lol :)

Oh! and if you don't have friends, get busy by doing what you love. Like eating pepperoni pizza and ice cream. Do any activity that you know you would be thanking yourself for in the future.

And that's it!!! I hope this helps. Writing this made me realize that I really need to work on a lot of aspects in my life. I'm taking it slowly. step-by-step.


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