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Best Way To Speed Up Metabolism: Does Fiber Help And More

Updated on July 22, 2012

Many health experts today are teaching that weight management is largely dependent upon a healthy metabolism. As we age it becomes apparent that our metabolism isn’t functioning as well as it once did. Physical symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, irritability, poor memory and concentration, heat and cold intolerance and weight gain become apparent.

It is easy to believe that a slowing metabolism is due to the natural process of getting old, but it has nothing to do with aging. What slows the metabolism is an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise leading to muscle loss. When people do decide it’s time to begin a healthy eating program, which includes healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates, many times dietary fiber is left out when it should be the first nutrient to be considered for healthy metabolism.

Speed Up Metabolism

Dietary fiber is important because of its role in blood sugar balancing, which is essential for optimal metabolism. When blood sugar levels are high because of a high simple carbohydrate, low fiber diet, insulin levels become higher leading to fat storage, rather than fat burning. When complex carbohydrates, high in fiber are consumed, the fiber absorbs sugars in the blood stream and lowers insulin levels.

Dietary fiber has also been found to increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors, which diverts sugars to muscle cells instead of fat cells. It is the key to proper elimination which is necessary for reaching and maintaining an ideal weight. Although fiber is derived from complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, it can not be broken down by digestive enzymes, which makes it a calorie free nutrient. Another benefit of eating a high fiber diet is the feeling a fullness. When combined with liquid fiber becomes bulky and takes up lots of space with zero calories.

Going on a restricted diet may slow the metabolism even further, increasing symptoms and making weight loss even more difficult. If the body does not get enough energy from food, it holds on to stored fat and begins to burn muscle. Eating one or two meals a day will not speed up your metabolism. It is like trying to kindle a huge log with a match. If the body is incapable of burning the fuel, it will store it as fat. The key to increasing metabolism is to consume four or five healthy, small meals throughout the day. Providing burnable fuel more frequently will cause a noticeable increase in energy.

As we age stress and lack of exercise, slowly turns muscles into fat. This process causes the metabolism to slow. Introducing stress reduction techniques into your daily activities and starting an exercise program that includes weight training and aerobic exercise combined with a healthy diet will be highly effective at speeding up the metabolism.

Eliminate foods that contain refined carbohydrates which contain no fiber. Popular refined foods include white bread, white rice and refined pasta. Although these foods are low in fat they are simple carbohydrates which are quickly broken down by the body into sugar and stored as fat. Be careful when buying low fat foods, they usually are loaded with sugar. Replace simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates such as whole grain bread and pasta and brown rice. A high fiber diet requires adequate water intake. Drink eight glasses of pure water daily.

A balanced diet is also important for healthy metabolism. A proper combination of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts should be consumed daily. For those individuals struggling to reach the daily need for dietary fiber, supplements are available at your local health store or online.


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    • profile image

      Ange 5 years ago

      Tried all this under advice of doctor, specialist, nutritionist, homeopathic doc, gym, home gym, personal trainer and still after all blood tests confirming nothing wrong with me, I'm still the only fatty in my family, gained another 8kg, taking my 5ft4 frame at burden of weighing in over 100kg!!! I can't get it off!!! I'm active, eating right, not cheating...Any help?

    • profile image

      melanie 8 years ago

      thanks for this information and providing it free of charge many people out there are like me and are on a budget and can't afford to pay for the ebooks such as Gabriels Method or any of the other people's books who claim they can help They just want to extort money from people. So i am now going to put it into practice what you have taught us. Thanks Again.

    • metaphysician profile image

      metaphysician 8 years ago

      What you said there are absolutely right, people getting fatter after a diet. That's why most people are so busy trying to lose the next extra pounds!

    • izettl profile image

      Lizett 8 years ago from The Great Northwest

      THanks stevemark!!

    • stevemark122000 profile image

      stevemark122000 8 years ago from Southern California

      Thanks for your comment izetti!

      Detoxing or juice fasting are both very beneficial and great way to improve health.

    • izettl profile image

      Lizett 8 years ago from The Great Northwest

      My two tricks: fiber and weight training. I was wondering about detoxing or juicing every once in a while- if you do it periodically would it decrease or effect metabolism?

    • profile image

      Common Thred 8 years ago

      Awesome; just what I needed to hear!

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I'd also try to avoid carbohydrates at night like white rice or if you must have a small portion. For the avg american, 4 to 5 small meals a day is tough considering they work 8 to 10 hous per day. Unless you control your own hours of work then there is really not many excuses. good hub

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Sounds so easy to do...but I will keep trying, thanks for the reminder.

    • agusfanani profile image

      agusfanani 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Thank you Steve, now I know the importance of optimal metabolism.

    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

      In my experience fiber rich vegetables are very helpful to get healthy metabolism. They also help avoiding constipation and thus we can do body exercise freely. A lot of information about Metabolism! Thanks for the nice Hub!

    • withlovearun profile image

      withlovearun 8 years ago from Chennai/TamilNadu

      Dear stevemark122000, Nice information. I have book marked your hub..........

    • rb11 profile image

      rb11 8 years ago from Las Vegas

      It seems in most of the health articles the common thread is exercise. The common excuse is "no time"

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      I do find it hard these days as I have an underactive thyroid. My medication should take care of this but my metabolism is just not what it used to be.

    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 8 years ago from Canada

      See, I knew there was a good reason to eat my porrige every morning (lol). Seriously, though, thanks for all the great info steve. Good hub!

    • advisor4qb profile image

      advisor4qb 8 years ago from On New Footing