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Metastasizing Sorrows And Hope.

Updated on January 3, 2017
New Race For The Cure pin designs(c)-2006
New Race For The Cure pin designs(c)-2006
one of 1,500 pins I designed
one of 1,500 pins I designed
No two alike, each a unique lady
No two alike, each a unique lady
Handed out to the runners in the race in the tenth Anniversary- 2003
Handed out to the runners in the race in the tenth Anniversary- 2003
A high donor pin- 500 made for donations over $500.00 and a participants pin from Artwhimsically Yours Studio
A high donor pin- 500 made for donations over $500.00 and a participants pin from Artwhimsically Yours Studio

Metastasizing Sorrows And Hope.

All Jewelry images above-

(c)-2003 by A.Y.Studios-

MFB III-all rights reserved

I sit in wonder

and sadness

surrounded by women

sharing what's

lovely and tragic.

Both the gleams of hope

in their eyes

and the glint of despair

in their souls.

Rushing to and fro

heads wrapped in turbans

to cover the naked skin.

Long tresses

burned away by chemo

all dressed in

the blush of pink

the color of

healthy cheeks denied.

Survivors bearing the weight

of victims names

pinned to their backs

marked for those

beneath markers now.

Crooked smiles

and mastectomy scars

etched on their flesh

they bravely struggle

against the inevitable

postponing the finish

in a Race for the Cure.

Decked out in

pink loops that resemble

the eternal ankh

adorning their hats and lapels

as they gather for the run,

Many from last year

no longer here

their spirits flutter

in the banners that sail

along the pathway to

the starting line.

Where once fullness

bounced against their

straining chest

emptiness now

lightens their dash.

No one really wins

until the finish brings a cure

a treadmill of doctors

and fearful prognosis

await them at the end.

Yet still they come

in the pink of an early dawn,

they line up by thousands

and then begin the long

rush from mortality.

Undaunted they

cross the finishline

to hugs of comfort

and appointments yet to keep

another year...another race

another day of sunshine

on their upturned face.

New drugs to try

and always a chance

that this year the money

will bring some

perfected treatment

that will carry them

to the next run.

Not as a name on

a memory sheet

but in the flesh

legs raised high

feet pounding the pavement

towards futures

worthy of chasing.

Peace to all who have had to

come abreast of death

and emerged today victorious.....

Godspeed on your paths ahead.

<>< <>< <>< <>< ><> ><> ><>

A Tribute In Memory of Denise Moebius.

  • By –Matthew F. Blowers III-
    Art~Whimsically Yours Studio ©-2015

    Verse 1.

    She would have been here today
    giving comfort and cheer
    sharing hugs and hopeful words
    like she did every year
    it was a task she embraced
    with a smile on her face
    as she continued her chase
    towards that Race for the Cure
    that you’ll all have to face

    verse II

    But her family is here
    In this place she once graced,
    marking the second year
    she’ll be missing this date,
    and their asking that you
    help them commemorate
    their most precious loved one
    before you start
    towards that gate
    by wearing a tribute
    made for you
    to help touch
    on the life and the loves
    of Denise Mobeius

    Chorus I

    Just a small piece of jewelry
    That her kin had made for ya,
    Something she always wore
    When she stood here before ya,
    Her most favorite race hat,
    A hot pink fedora.

    Verse III

    Though her hat
    now sits empty
    it’s inspired a pin
    for each survivor to wear
    As you struggle to win,
    both this race and those battles
    you still carry within

    Its crown’s indentations,
    Bear testament too
    The end of her expectations,
    So it’s fitting that you
    Pay her a tribute by wearing
    Her hat in this race,
    Just a tiny replica that
    lets her take her place,
    if not in flesh then in spirit
    in this symbol you’ll don
    among all those she loved
    before she had to move on…

    Chorus II

    Some where far, far……….beyond
    what any survivor knows of
    but all those who went before ya,
    Will be smiling from above
    At each little pink fedora…
    Remembering one whose missed much
    Made for you to help touch
    On the lives and the loves
    Of Denise Mobeius…..
    Each hot pink fedora,
    Remembers one
    whose missed much
    made for you to help touch
    on the memories and kindness
    of Denise Moebius.

    ©-2015- all rights reserved

Patty's Song~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<3

(Patty was my cousin who was in her third bout of breast cancer,
and who lost a brave battle on Sunday August 5th, 2007.
She spent much of her time dying helping others who were dying to live.
Please get checkups regularly, and do self exams
to avoid what she had to endure for so long.)

She was such a bright flower,
amidst sharp thorns of grief,
She meant so much to Howard,
in her lifetime so brief,
She ran Races to find Cures,
chasing hopes she’d be saved,
Balancing her daily duties,
with her charitable ways,

But it’s goodbye to Patty
because her last race was run,
though she didn’t get better,
at the finish she won,
Her death was heroic,
with all the work she had done,
helping all those that fate set,
on the paths she’d begun.

Never fond of the darkness,
at death’s curtain she fought,
Yet I’m sure at her passing,
she found cures that she sought.
In the pink clouds of glory,
amidst the angels above,
All her cancer was banished,
in the warmth of God’s love.

So it’s farewell to Patty
from all her friends by her side
who helped and ran with her,
till the day that she died,
in efforts most worthy of,
praise this poet can’t write,
They stayed with her until
she went into the light.

Patty’s death left great lessons,
on how to touch many lives,
With kindness and sharing,
so that strong memories survive.
How to face our departure,
with huge courage and hope,
to ignore death unselfishly,
while helping others to cope.

This is my tribute to Patty now,
because her last race was run,
And though she never got better,
at the finish she won.
Now she waits on the other side,
with a smile on her face,
Asking God to heal all those,
running in the next race.

(c)-2007-MFB III- for Patty.


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