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Micheal Jackson's Death

Updated on January 31, 2012

Micheal Jackson


Why is this in the Media? Vendetta?

I have to wonder why Conrad Murray's trial is in the media. He is not a celebrity. It will not bring Michael Jackson back to his children. It will not exonerate those around Michael including his friends and family that knew he was an egregious addict who desperately need an intervention but was never held accountable because they treated him like he was a prince. How did everyone think it would end?

Personally I blame Scientologywhich enables this type of behavior and doesn't demand their members be clean well with the exception of the epileptics. Can anyone say "Grand Mal"? And Scientologists have been going right and left. Heather Ledger went that way as well as Britney Murphy. It is not altogether unusual for successful actors and actresses to over dose. I believe Marilyn Monroe is the best example that comes to my mind immediately. Actors and actresses are not particularly stable individuals the therefore should never ever be in politics; Matt Damon. Michael Jackson was a Scientologist and he was surround by other Scientologists who didn't intervene on behalf of Micheal Jackson.

Not that Michael Jackson is absolved from blame. He was an addict. He could have sought help at anytime. I remember the baby dangling incident in Berlin. Why didn't anyone stop him then?

And I have no love for Conrad Murray. Who has a doctor live in their house? How weird? And if Murray knew Jackson was an addict then he should have referred him to an addictions specialist. But Jackson should have woken up himself. I heard some of the testimony and I believe they said he took eight Ativan. You only give 4 when a person is having a grand mal seizure. There was every indication Michael Jackson by all standards was a horrific drug addict. He was not fit to raise his children. And he had no friends as they would have be able to impress upon him to stop.

What is worse is the family of Jackson claims to be victims of Murray? They are assuming Micheal Jackson wouldn't have been able to obtain all the drugs he desired without Murray. I feel badly for the children but they are free of their drug addicted father. They have normal lives so to speak now or as least as normal as their past will allow them to have. Micheal Jackson is the only person in America who could be a horrific drug addict and still keep custody of his children. Why didn't his family have him committed? That is a question the Jackson family will have to ask themselves for the rest of their lives as will the Scientology community and Hollywood as well.

No one feels sorry for Conrad Murraybut quite frankly proponal is a very short acting drug and it is highly unlikely that killed him alone. It is used all the time in hospital settings without anesthesiologists present. Proponal isn't nearly as dangerous as the media is portraying it but everyone is trying to save face in the Jackson family, the Scientology community and Hollywood. And hanging Conrad Murray will not allow them to save face as there is plenty of blame to go around in the death of Michael Jackson.

A friend of mine told me that Michael Jackson was a musical genius and that is why he was pampered and coddled so. I find it hard to believe Michael Jackson was a genius when he didn't realize he was an addict and needed help. Geniuses don't kill themselves. Perhaps it is best Michael Jackson is now able to rest in peace. And those who know they are guilty they have to live with that.

But it is highly unlikely Conrad Murray will be criminally prosecuted as Michael Jackson was a drug addict. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves who were involved because of those three children who should have never lived with Michael Jackson.

For me and I would prefer not to have to watch any longer as I and my friends and family aren't involved in such sick sorted messes. Conrad Murray being convicted will not bring back Michael Jackson but will only serve as a vendetta by those who were closest to Michael Jackson including but not limited to the Scientology community.

Every death is a tragedy but even more so when many communities were well ware of Michael Jackson's addiction and didn't care enough about him or his children to do anything about it. The were accomplishes in his death.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida


      I too liked Micheal Jackson and come from culture when someone dies you don't keep speaking their name as it causes them unrest. To keep bring his name back up and rehashing it over and over again does nothing to help his children, the family or his immediate circle of friends.

      For everyone's sake I wish someone had helped Micheal Jackson but since they ether wouldn't or couldn't, I would appreciate them allowing him to rest in peace. If for no one's else sake but his childrens.

      I feel like his children are being exploited as badly as Micheal Jackson now if not worse. Those children can be provided for well by the people who failed to help their father without ever exploiting the Jackson children any further.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and providing feedback. I know this is a very unpopular view that Micheal Jackson's family should have stepped in and taken his children away and forced him into treatment but the alternative which is what happened has been far worse.


    • SweetMocha-Monroe profile image

      SweetMocha-Monroe 6 years ago

      I am big Micheal Jackson fan. I hate what he became and you are right, the people that surrounded him should have done something to help him. He should have helped himself for his children's sake. Nothing will bring him back, so they need to let him rest in peace. Everyone needs to be real and admit his life was a tragedy and leave it alone. Thanks for the Great Hub.