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Midget Made Giant Steps Towards Self-Fulfillment

Updated on January 28, 2015 / While Mr Xishun, 56, towers above everyone at an astonishing 7.9ft, 19-year-old Mr Pingping is a mere 2.4ft high. / While Mr Xishun, 56, towers above everyone at an astonishing 7.9ft, 19-year-old Mr Pingping is a mere 2.4ft high.

Birthplace and height

BORN in the City of Ulangab, Inner Mongolia, China on July 13, 1988- HE PINGPING is the world’s shortest man who is able to walk. He’s a Chinese. He stands 2 feet and 5 inches tall as measured by the Guinness Book of World Records

Despite his size and height, He Pingping was a chain smoker

The 3rd child in the family- his 2 elders sisters were born normal. According to HE YUN, his father, HE PINGPING at birth was so tiny that he fill the palm of his hand just enough. His growth was so slow that they have him examined by a doctor who diagnosed the boy as having osteogenesis imperfect, a disease which hinders normal bone growth and height. Unbelievable, He Pingping was a chain smoker.

The Accomplishments of HE PINGPING- the world's shortest man

  1. In January 2007, he became an internet icon when he took part in a TV program in Tokyo, Japan. He and Bao Xishun – who once hold the title tallest living man at 2.36 meters tall- both came from Inner Mongolia.
  2. The two (with Bao Xishun) have already met in person and their televised meeting in July 2007 attracted global media attention.
  3. In May 2008 he took part in the British Channel 4 documentary called the World’s Smallest Man and Me hosted by Mark Dolan.
  4. In September 2008 he was pictured sitting on the lap of the world’s longest-legged woman Svetlana Pankratova- in London’s Trafalgar Square- to publicize the release of the 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.
  5. On April 25, 2010 he appeared in the 10th episode of the American Reality Show- The Amazing Race. This episode was dedicated to his memory.


He died on March 10, 2010 in a hospital in Rome, Italy at the age of 21 of heart complications. My motive is to give light, hope and inspiration to the unfortunate ones like him to find their place in the sun.

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