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Migraine Remedies

Updated on September 29, 2009

I've had very bad headaches in the past but I don't think I've ever had a migraine. My mother, on the other hand, was positively bedridden by them when I was child so I'm no stranger to them. Having a migraine can mean losing work, time and money and they can totally alienate you from friends and family if the recur so frequently that you'd rather avoid excitement for fear of triggering another one. Things are better for migraine sufferers these days, though: instead of locking yourself in a dark room and praying for the pain to stop, you can try one of these natural methods of migraine relief. EFT, Neurofeedback and other forms of healing are gaining popularity with migraine sufferers because they often work.

Neurofeedback for Migraines

Neurofeedback for Migraines

If you take a look at that news clip about neurofeedback you'll see that a trained practitioner connects special electrodes to the patient and then checks to see which parts of the brain are overworked and which are underworked. Once that's established they asisst you in retraining the brain to operate in a more balanced fashion, which can result in patients no longer experiencing migraines at all. According to this news report, some studies cite an 85-90% success rate.

Massage for Migraine Relief

Migraine Massage Relief

In this video Dr. Susan Jewell demonstrates a massage technique to reduce and eliminate headaches of all kinds. She shows you how to massage the vertebrae with the pads of your fingers by pressing down and making a circular motion all the way down the back of the neck. You should do this slowly and it will help alleviate stress and tension. You can do this to yourself or ask someone to help you.

Chinese Pressure Point

Chinese Pressure Point Massage

This is a very short video but that highlights the simplicity of the exercise and technique. This method of acupressure can be used to all sorts of headaches and requires only 10 or 15 minutes of your time. You can do it anywhere: at home, in the office, at school, on a plane, etc. If you're not keen to do it in front of people, pop into the restroom and try it. With this technique you would keep your eyes closed and press upward as you massage. If you're interested in learning more about these exercises you can purchase the video set at

EFT Migraine Relief

EFT Migraine Remedy

This video is a little dark and needs to be turned up a bit to hear well, but it's an excellent EFT walkthrough and it's long enough to really do something effective if you go through it. This woman is quite good at naming the issues that could underlie the headache or migraine and you can simply just repeat after her. If you're already familiar with EFT you'll know what this is about. If not, you may want to read up on the treatment, lest everything look very strange to you! This is a form of acupressure and it does work.


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