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Migraine - A Frontier to be Conquered

Updated on November 11, 2009

A migraine is an ache that numbs the mind and paralyzes the body leaving one shattered and destroyed. A drawing of the shoulder blades that pulls unmercifully until the spine literally shrieks with agony. Pain floods from that portion of the spine upwards toward the base of the skull and travels to the neck forehead and eyes with an unbelievable throbbing and distraction that causes the tongue to be unable to form words properly and impairs the vision with auras that sparkle and shine in a way that is definitely not beauty or anything close.

The pain is white hot and draws the very life from you. Do you exist or just survive during the attack? There is really no way to tell, you just endure, if you can! You feel a quiver in your fingertips and a weakness that pervades your entire body. You feel your heart pounding yet the body around it feel numb and unresponsive. The weakness you feel is a drain on everything that you are.

Sleep is necessary yet elusive. So often this is the only thing that will help and yet the pain will not allow sleep. It’s a vicious cycle you hurt you need sleep to heal, yet you can’t sleep because of the pain.

Throughout my life since the age of six, I have tried numerous pain medications to counteract the effects. And as soon as something worked, it seemed that my migraine would mutate and change becoming immune to the drug that helped if only for a short time . I have been to numerous neurologists and have totally lost faith in them, for there was never any lasting results. Medications I receive now are only stopgaps, they only numb the pain.

There is a frontier called my brain, and what goes on there is a mystery. Is it a frontier that can be conquered or will I forever wander thru the maze of my brain searching for a path with no pain?


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