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Migraine: A Journey to Rise Above 10 of 10

Updated on March 15, 2012

This article continues my journey to overcome daily chronic migraines and the other conditions that go hand-in-hand.


Conclusions & Advice

I have asked myself what came first the migraines, the injuries, the stress of life, or was I pre-disposed to them? "They" say that people who have migraines have a highly sensitive nervous system. Perhaps even a throwback from our flight response, our need to survive.

My conclusion is that it does not matter. What wouldn't I do to heal myself? This was my incentive, my drive. I acted as my own detective and scientist to discover all the personal truths that have led to a better life.

I learned that a person's whole life has to be treated in order to overcome long-term and chronic illnesses. That the mind can create and manifest wishes and prayers, yet also fears. When fears have become the dominant factor in a person's life, then their life will reflect it. Oftentimes, I see people around me and think "if they could just see..." or "if they could just accept...". I wondered how many people looked at me and thought the same.

I am not saying that I know the cure-all to migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other chronic illnesses. Nor would I want to tell anyone that their medical conditions are not real or not that bad. However, people can heal themselves of cancer, from serious accidents, from serious emotional trauma, and from chronic migraines.

I am also saying that I can heal myself. I have changed my perspective to lessen stress. I can work my physical body through exercise. I can care for my body with proper nutrition, sleep, and nurturing. My favorite treatment is a relaxing hot bath (or a natural hot spring)! It works on my triggers and symptoms all at once.

It has taken many years of self-reflection, hard work, and acquiring wisdom. I have had to make tough choices. I have had to ignore some of the advice of doctors and find my own way! I am not completely “healed” but I can see a good future. A future where I don’t have to fret that I’m missing out on living life because of my pain and discomfort.

Now, I can spend more quality time with my kids. I can work longer hours. I can take a trip without planning a 40% loss of activity or more. I can think. I can plan ahead!

I believe that everyone has the ability to make their life what they want it to be. Some of us have to work harder than others. The most important step is having vision – clarity of thought, clarity of purpose, creating a plan, the incentive to make it all happen.

Thanks Dr. Piercy!

My neurologist gave me positive feedback on my articles. Her comments:

"It is so great that you were able to gain so much insight and experience...I think your story will be an inspiration for other patients in similar situations....Also, you should consider writing about Botox or Toxin injections for migraine treatment. This could be helpful and informative for other patients."


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