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Migraines and Caffeine

Updated on January 26, 2010

Does caffeine relieve migraines for you? If you have ever tried taking caffeine for your migraines, you may find that the caffeine seems to help your migraine to go away.

But why is this? If your migraines are alleviated by the consumption of caffeine, then that means that you may actually be addicted to caffeine, and you are suffering from the effects of caffeine withdrawal. There is a relationship between migraines and caffeine, and I would like to discuss that relationship today.

Like many people, I have consumed a large amount of caffeine during my lifetime. The average American consumes about 230 milligrams of caffeine daily, which is equivalent to between two and three cups of coffee. If you consume more caffeine than this daily, then you may want to consider changing your diet, especially if you are a sufferer of migraine headaches. I believe that migraine headaches are one of the most painful experiences that the average person will go through in their lifetime, and I would like to see fewer and fewer Americans who have to deal with the troubles of having migraine headaches.

If you take any sort of headache relieving medicine for your migraines, you should know that migraine medicine often has caffeine in it, and that is the reason that many migraine medicines work in the way that they do. Most people will suffer from headaches or migraines when their bodies need caffeine, and when migraine relief medicine has caffeine added to it, then it will relieve their migraines. This is all well and good, but the problem with this is that the caffeine fix is only temporary, and soon enough, the headache or migraine will be back with a vengeance.

So what can we do about curing migraines? For one thing, we should limit the amount of caffeine that we take in daily. Caffeine is better off left alone, especially if you are prone to migraines, since caffeine can exacerbate any migraine problems that you might have. There are numerous guides on the internet when it come to quitting caffeine for good, and I would recommend that you take a look at many of those so that you can understand for to cure your migraines. The next step is to actually quit caffeine, using your willpower and your willingness to relieve your migraines.

Once you remove caffeine from your diet, then you will find that you have fewer migraines than you did before, and this is always a major relief for anybody. Best of luck to you, and to eliminating your migraines.


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