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Milk Diet Review: Looking Over the Milk Diet

Updated on August 14, 2010

Introduction to The Milk Diet

There is a lot of controversy over the milk diet and its off shoots, and it's not hard to see why this weight loss diet catches the ire of many experts and dietitians. Part of the reason for the controversy is that the milk diet, also often referred to as the raw milk diet, is an extreme fad diet that, like many fad diets, takes one possibly good idea and takes that idea way way too far. Any diet that involves only milk is not balanced and not a good idea. Ironically, milk does allow for a degree of calories, fat, and protein, but the pure liquid form of the diet isn't a good idea and many people find it harder and harder to deal with milk as they get older without getting an upset stomach or cramps. There are also some serious concerns with the long term ramifications of a diet that only involves milk or raw milk (the latter which can't even be purchased in all areas).

Pros and Cons of Milk in a Diet

The cons of the milk diet are somewhat obvious.  The extremely limited diet lacks many important types of vitamins and minerals, and too many dairy products can cause some negative effects on the digestive system such as bloating, gassiness, and 2% or whole milk can be very high in fat.  On the pro side, skim milk and chocolate skim milk in small amounts each day can provide some good protein and calcium, which combine to help encourage weight loss and specifically fat loss.  This means that while there is no "official milk diet" which I can recommend, a small amount of the right type of milk added to a decent balanced diet can do wonders to help jump start a weight loss plan.

Milk in the Diet

There are many studies that have shown that milk is a great supplement to a diet, but there are several specific caveats that go with this.  If you want to get the most effective use out of milk as part of a diet, you need to follow these rules:

  • The milk must be skim or fat free, and not 2% or whole
  • Ideally the milk should be hormone free
  • Milk is best drank in moderation, with the studies showing that 2 and a half cups with breakfast and half a cup after a workout work the best
  • Definitely make sure chocolate milk is skim or fat free
  • Watch the calorie count if you drink a lot of milk since it can add up fast

These are points that anyone adding milk as a dietary supplement needs to be aware of.  Milk can be a delicious part of any diet plan and help to encourage weight loss and fat loss, but too much of it can absolutely sabotage a weight loss plan, as well.

Chocolate Milk as Diet Food?

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for your informative and comprehensive hub

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      abrarr 7 years ago from USA

      man that was a good info givin hub. i would love to give it more than 1 thumbs up!! keep it up man!!