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Million Dollar Penis Question

Updated on February 19, 2016

Sexual Penis Health

Penis size importance, and how much is the sex duration for a healthy sex life. It is important to know the answer for this question, in every mans life. To make his partner satisfied. If we do not have enough knowledge about this we may get serious health issues. Yes, today I am going to talk about the penis size and its importance. What is the penis size which could be enough to make your partner satisfied. How long is the sex duration to make your sex partner satisfied.

Real Facts About Penis Size

It is a fact which sex companies don't want you to know about. It will make there Millions of Dollars Business come to an end. Thousands of your hard earned money will be saved. Yes, SIZE DOES NOT MATTER. A 3' inch of erected penis is enough to make a women satisfied.

As of now, I cannot provide any medicated link. Because, it is my own experience which I am talking about. if you do a little bit of research from non commercial website, you will find that they will say 4.5 - 5 inch is enough. But my experience is absolutely true, I cannot give my identity but its a real fact. Initially my wife was not satisfied due to my premature ejaculation. But I did improved my self in couple of hard work years. And very soon, my sex time and sex quality was so much improved, even she use to orgasm. Yes, a real orgasm. Not just the sound but a real which will make your bed wet.

Womens are pleased

Seducing body
Seducing body
Sensation Love making moment
Sensation Love making moment

Don't Believe commercial websites

I personally believe, every women has a different taste. As few men's are Most active and that is called sexoholic and few are more active sexually, and few are mediocre and few are less. Similarly there are few women who wants more and more, they might say SIZE DOES MATTER. and they lie in sexoholic category. And most of the women are satisfied with of 4-6 inch of penis. And still there are women who also get satisfied with 3' inch of penis. The only thing is you need to know, How to use your tool and when to use it. What do you think ..

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Does the size matters

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Women's satisfaction

Our Loving scene
Our Loving scene
Our Passionate Moments
Our Passionate Moments

A nightmare fabricated by Business

Its a nightmare for every man life, where he always think about his tool and dies in darkness of lower self esteem. Yes, this is all about the penis, its size and the satisfaction of the lady.

Its a question asked by every man, even though he is one from the giant army. Is it enough to make her happy and smile. Or Am I going to ruin our lives. Today, hopefully by the end of this article every mans mystery question will be resolved. How it will be resolved, is nothing big rocket science. Its my experience which I am sharing with you all people

Sexual Experience

I could write this fact, as when I improved my sexual stamina and I had sex with my wife for One long hour. And later softly she whispered, you made me spoil the bed. And when, put my hands under the sheet to my surprise I found the bed was wet. And from that day she started complimenting alot.

How did I satisfy her, How I made her come, How did she make the bed all wet. I will discuss the tips and tricks in another blog. And trust me guys, not only you even your partner will say that you have done great. And all that is for free. Just keep reading my posts, once I get time I will update tips and tricks.

Size Doesn't Matter

Based on few Non profit organization studies and facts, I can assure that size does not matter. As myself was suffering of low self esteem because of small size and PE. But eventually, I developed my penis strength and my size was much enough to make her squirt.

Enjoy More Stress Less

A simple formula for a healthy sex, is enjoy more and stress less. People think and end it up quickly in stress. This stress has been created by businesses to think and make you feel that you are not enough capable to have sex and satisfy her. The fact is, you were and you are capable. You just need a helping hand to come out of it. And Hopefully, my this article and next article ( Tips and Tricks for healthy Sex) will give you enough information to have a healthy sex life style.


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